Resident Evil Village: M1897 Shotgun Location


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The shotgun has been in the Resident Evil franchise for years on end. It is very obvious on why you would need a weapon with such capacity, since most of the time you will find yourself in close quarters with monsters of all kinds. But in the newest installment of the franchise- Resident Evil Village, where can you find the M1897 shotgun?

Resident Evil Village: M1897 Shotgun Location

M1897 Shotgun Location – Resident Evil Village

Well, this shotgun can be found laying around in a shack, even though there is a consensus that it can only be bought from the Duke. That is incorrect.

In fact, it can be obtained close to the beginning of the game, before opening the castle gate in order to progress further. There is not much to be said about the shotgun, except that it is quite efficient and potent in close-range combat.

To get it, one must take a right of the castle gate. There will be a shack there, with the outer gate slightly opened. Simply go inside, and then continue following the path without entering the house.

On the back of the house, there will be two paths that the player can take. One going upwards, and one going down. Follow the path downwards, and once you pass the gate, enter the shack on the left. Once you do so, walk to the end of the shack, and start destroying the crates inside.

Inside one of the battered crates, the M1897 will be, along with some Lei and other stuff. In this stage of the game, it is really crucial to get the shotgun, since there will be quite some action up ahead.

The shotgun has a unique appearance with an interesting pattern engraved to it. It gives you the old-school vibe, but one thing is for certain; It packs a punch.

Without any spoilers to the story, you can find the first crest in the shack right of the castle gate, and the second one at the end of the path that you took to get to the M1897.

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