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If you thought Jesse’s time at the Oldest House couldn’t be any stranger, there’s new DLC for Control called The Foundation. It’s single-player DLC that builds on previous characters, continues the story, and expands the lore in some interesting ways.
The Foundation takes you to the deepest part of the Oldest House. I think the story is really interesting, so I’m going to try to stick to the highlights without spoiling anything. In those depths, Jesse needs to stop a catastrophe from occurring. If she doesn’t stop a problem, and it could mean the end of everything. Without knowing exactly how, one of Trench’s old team, Helen Marshall, is involved.
To start The Foundation expansion, you’ll need to have beaten the base game. After that, it starts as a new mission, and you’re on your way with seamless integration. Like the areas in the main game, there’s a big hub area with other large areas branching off in different directions. It’s a decent chunk of ground to cover. The visual variety isn’t as wide as the base game, but you’ll see plenty of different environments.

The Hiss have managed to find their way into The Foundation too. They are everywhere like glitter and just as hard to remove. You’ll see some of the same old versions, but the new Hiss Sharpened will keep you on your toes. They are fast, appear to be shirtless, and hit you with a tough melee attack. They are the meth heads of Control. I tried to take them out first whenever possible, because, once they swarm, you’re dead.
To go along with a new enemy, Jesse is given a new ability named Shape. In the subterranean tunnels, there are minerals that can be destroyed or made to grow. You can pick which one you want to do first, but don’t stress about the choice. Whether you grow them or destroy them, they will often return to their original form. This gives you some new strategic choices for traversal and for removing the ground or causing it to rise up and destroy. Both are satisfying.
Packed into every nook and cranny are new collectibles and tidbits for you to find. These pieces of info further shape the story and give you insight into what was happening here, even before you took your new job. Part of that story includes a tale from a long-term resident of Foundation, and it’s worth wandering off the main path for new mods and to pull a few more threads about the history of this strange place you now run.

On the negative side, it’s more of the same, but less fleshed out. Some areas feel too empty, and you can walk a while without seeing any new enemies. If you hated the combat or mechanics, the new things won’t change your mind. For me personally, I don’t care for Emily Pope, and you’ll be talking to her regularly.
With that in mind, the Foundation is very good. You have your abilities and can gain more points to expand them. It’s single-player DLC done right, and both are a rarity. The lore, concept, and mystery are still here, and it tells a complete and contained story while successfully dropping breadcrumbs to the next piece of DLC. It still looks incredible, and there’s plenty for the eyes.
If you loved the base game, this DLC is made for you. It’s more of what you want, and it’s hard not to recommend it. It’s made me more excited to see what comes next, and I hope that we don’t have to wait too long.

Control - The Foundation Expansion PS4 Review
  • Overall - Very Good - 7.5/10


Review: Control - The Foundation Expansion - PS4

The Foundation expansion for Control is exactly what we needed. There’s another big area to explore, a new enemy and ability, and the thrill of going deeper into the mystery of the Oldest House. Some areas feel a little empty and Emily Pope is still annoying, but this is a very good chunk of single player DLC.


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