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Hello there you sexy PlayStation gamers, and welcome to another Pure PlayStation video review on Pure Play TV, and this time it’s Destroy All Humans! Remake for PS4.
Remakes and remasters were all the rage a few years back. It felt like not a week went by without one being announced to the collective groan of the internet. Well, excluding me. I love remakes and remasters. It’s convenient to have classic games on modern consoles, and for the most part, they’re massively improved over the originals, so you’ll find no hate from me on that front.
I vaguely remember playing Destroy All Humans! years ago on the PS2, and when I say vaguely, I do mean very vaguely. Going into Destroy All Humans! Remake was basically a fresh start as I’d forgotten a lot of what made the original so good. But does this spruced up release stay true to the original, and is it worth your money and time? In a word, yes.

Destroy All Humans! Remake puts you in the space boots of an angry alien called Crypto as he makes his way through America causing mayhem and killing humans. It’s not a serious game at all, and the humour is likely to push a few buttons in this hyper-sensitive world we’re now living in, but for me, the ruder and crasser, the better.
The game openly mocks 1950s sci-fi B-movies and leans into it hard. You’ve got a stupid Mayor sounding a lot like the Mayor from The Simpsons. You’ve got hillbillies with shotguns and two teeth. You’ve got the standard 1950s ladies with big boobs and bigger hair, accompanied by jocks in their letterman jackets. It’s spot-on in that respect, and as a fan of silliness, I can’t fault it.
Your mission is, well, it’s to destroy all humans. There’s a little more to it, mind you, but the bulk of the gameplay is centred around killing humans in whichever way you feel fits the moment. Missions are structured around destruction, though some will force you to use stealth and show a little restraint with your anal probe gun. Other missions are timed, which definitely feels retro in this day and age. To be honest, some of the missions haven’t aged all that well, and I can see some of them being a bit of a pain for anyone who has grown up outside of the PS2-era of gaming. Game design has moved forward and found new ways to challenge players, and Destroy All Humans! Remake doesn’t do much to move with the times.

On the other hand, why should it? It’s a remake, but it still needs to be comparable to the source material. The biggest changes come in the graphics and controls, both of which have been overhauled to be easier on the eyes and the thumbs.
While the game does have a story, it’s ridiculous and honestly, it’s not worth following too closely. The big draw here is in getting to the destruction, and once you’ve completed a set amount of missions, you get to go back to those locations in an open-world setting where you’re free to do whatever you want. You can throw people around, probe their bums or explode their brains. Or you can hop in your ship and go on a rampage, destroying entire towns while fighting off the ever-increasing enemy presence. Once the Army shows up, you’re in trouble, but if you’ve got the right upgrades, they’ll be nothing more than a nuisance.
Honestly, the bulk of my fun came from playing the free-roam modes and taking on the challenges. I could easily spend an hour or more in a level, running around being an evil alien before hopping into my ship and recreating that iconic scene from Independence Day, but instead of the White House, I’d be hovering over a greasy spoon diner, firing my beam of death downwards.
It’s good fun and while it won’t be a mainstay for me – I’m basically done with the game now, and I’m unlikely to go back and play it unless my boy wants to – it’s worth a look, especially if you have fond memories of the original game, which is available on PS4 as an emulated version, but don’t bother with that, get this remake instead.

And that’s the end of this review. I hope you enjoyed it and found it to be of some use. I had some good fun playing the game and it’s a decent way to kick back and kill an hour or two. Have you played it already? What do you think? Let us know down in the comments below, and if you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button too – it helps us bring you more stuff to watch. Until next time, stay sexy, keep washing your hands, and play some games! Bye!

Destroy All Humans! Remake
  • Overall - Very Good - 7/10


Review: Destroy All Humans - PS4

If Mars Attacks was a video game, it would be Destroy All Humans! It's a great little game that's halfway clinging to the past, but still a worthy remake, especially for fans of the cult series.


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