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Learn how to become roommates with Krobus in Stardew Valley!

How to Become Roommates with Krobus in Stardew Valley

Of all the residents living in Stardew Valley, Krobus is the only one you could ask to move in with you as friends and not in a romantic sense. Keep scrolling down and read further if you want to become best friends and roommates with Krobus, the Shadow Person.

All About Krobus

Krobus Surprise

Birthday: Winter 1

Location: The Sewers

Race: Shadow Person

Krobus is an otherworldly creature who lives in the Pelican Town Sewers. He belongs to a group of species called Shadow People. He does not like to be around humans, and he despises Dwarves. His hatred was because of the war between Dwarves and Krobus’ people thousands of years ago.

Krobus may be a monster, but he is not the vile kind. He will not be hostile towards you, and he will even speak politely. Krobus also runs a shop in the Sewers, selling various magical and rare goods.

The Sewers is where Krobus lives, but you will become close friends and ask him to stay in the farmhouse with you.

Reasons Why You Should Be Roommates with Krobus in Stardew Valley

Krobus Stardrop

A total of 12 villagers in Pelican Town are eligible for marriage. But if you want nothing to do with romance in your playthrough, you may opt to get Krobus as your companion. Aside from that, here are other reasons to consider becoming roommates with Krobus.

You can get a Stardrop Fruit for free: As you and Krobus become roommates, the number of friendship hearts you can gain with him increases up to 14 hearts. Upon reaching that level of friendship, Krobus will offer you a Stardrop Fruit on random days as a token of thanks for being a good friend.

He does not get jealous: Giving gifts to other bachelors or bachelorettes can make your spouse jealous, and as a result, your relationship heart will drop. But if you choose to live with Krobus, he will not mind even if you give gifts to all the marriageable NPCs. Your friendship will remain unchanged if you do not forget to indulge him with gifts now and then, too.

Evicting him costs you nothing: If you ever change your heart and decide to marry someone else, you may evict Krobus from your farmhouse. Divorcing your spouse may cost you a fortune, but you will not spend a dime when you ask Krobus to move out of your house. That is not to say that it will not affect your relationship. Krobus will give you the silent treatment forever unless you wipe his memory clean at the Dark Shrine of Memory in the Witch’s Hut.

Meeting Krobus

Krobus Grates

Hiding in the Sewers away from the sunlight is what Krobus has been used to doing all his life. Therefore, you can not see him walking around Pelican Town in your first days. You cannot have access to the sewers until you acquire the Rusty Key.

The day after that, he will grant you the Rusty Key. The key can open the grates south of Cindersap Forest or the Sewer cover in Pelican Town Central Square. You must donate at least 60 artifacts to Gunther in his Museum to get the Rusty Key.

Krobus’ Schedule

Krobus Meet

You may enter the Sewers whenever you want as soon as you get the Rusty Key. Krobus’ shop opens as early as 6:00 AM and closes at 2:00 AM.

It is important to note that Krobus never leaves the sewers, regardless of the weather, even on holidays.

Making Krobus Happy

Convincing Krobus to move in with you will require you to visit him in the Sewers daily and occasionally gift him items he loves.

Krobus’ taste in gifts is as odd as he is, but they are easy to remember since there are only a few. Below are all the items you may give to Krobus if you want to earn friendship hearts with him:

Love (Plus 80 Friendship Points)

PumpkinGrown on the farm
Wild HorseradishForaged in Spring
Void EggGathered from Void Chickens or Bought from Krobus’ Shop
Void MayonnaiseProcessed in the Mayonnaise Machine
DiamondObtained through Mining or Dropped by any Monster after reaching the bottom of the Mines
Iridium BarProcessed in the Furnace
All Universal Loves

Like (Plus 45 Friendship Points)

Gold BarProcessed in the Furnace
QuartzForaged in the Mines and Skull Cavern
All Universal Likes

Neutral (Plus 20 Friendship Points)

All Eggs (Except Void Egg)Gathered from Chickens
All Fruits (Except Apricot, Cherry, Banana, Mango, Orange, Peach, Apple, Pomegranate, and Salmonberry)Grown on the farm
All MilkGathered from Cows and Goats
All Universal Neutrals

Krobus Happy

Most of the items Krobus does not favor are Universally Disliked items. You will lose 20 friendship points if you give him mushrooms, foraged items, or cooked foods (Bread, Fried Egg, and Seafoam Pudding are exceptions.) Do not offer him the gifts he hates; you will drop 40 friendship points. Krobus abhors items that most villagers also hate, except for Void Mayonnaise.

Becoming Roommates with Krobus in Stardew Valley 

Krobus Home

When you finally get to the point where you feel comfortable enough to share the same roof, you may ask Krobus to leave the damp Sewers and come live in the farmhouse with you. However, you must have these requirements before Krobus agrees to your invitation.

Be Single: Since Krobus is a respectful hermit, he would not agree to become your roommate when you are already committed to someone else. 

Upgrade your house twice: Putrid stench aside, the Sewers are quite large and roomy, and perhaps that is why Krobus chose to occupy this area. Your house must be big enough for two people to compensate for that. So, you must have your home expanded at least once before Krobus accepts your proposal.

Get a Void Ghost Pendant: To ask Krobus to move in with you, you must offer him a Void Ghost Pendant. The Void Ghost Pendant can be traded from the Desert Trader for 200 Void Essences, but it only becomes available once you have maxed out your friendship with Krobus.

In this game, getting Krobus as a roommate is the same as marrying someone. Your relationship will not go further than being platonic. Therefore, do not expect him to treat you like his life partner and do your house chores. Krobus will not kiss you, but he is always down for a hug and gives you gifts on random occasions. Krobus will not agree to adopt a baby with you, but he can take care of the children of the previous spouse who lived in your farmhouse.

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