Rumor: Next Generation "Will Have the Greatest Compute Jump in Any Console"


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Do you love a flimsy rumor that’s based on almost no info from an “insider” leaking info to the press? Cool. I have a treat for you.
Gizmodo posted a story yesterday in which an insider sent them some information on the upcoming next-gen consoles. The dev kit image that was leaked earlier is codenamed “Prospero”. It’s not the first dev kit sent to developers, but it is the most recent. In order to provide some validity to the leaks, Gizmodo says they were sent an image of the dev kit before it exploded onto general newsfeeds, and the leaks come from a developer working on a title for both upcoming consoles. There is some relation to Shakespeare in the naming, and you can check the source for that info, nerd.
According to the tipster, the new PS5 (and by extension Project Scarlett) is cranking out a lot of power. Saying it “will have the greatest compute jump in any console” makes me very happy, and AMD’s custom solution is supposed to be packing a serious punch. Some of that additional horsepower will provide better streaming ability than this generation, but it still won’t be as powerful as a PC. It could be enough to make you a minor internet star.
Info about the PS5’s camera is also included. Although it could change in production units, the PS5 dev kit is rumored (cannot stress this word enough) to be using older cameras. The definition of “older” can only be guessed by comparison to the competition. The Xbox is said to be using better 4K tech with lower latency (Microsoft said they aren’t using anything), but we are so deep into rumor territory here, I’m hoping I left a trail of bread crumbs to find my way back. I do hope the PS5 doesn’t scrimp on camera tech if it plans on improving the PSVR experience.
Beyond the fuzzy photos that Gizmodo received and didn’t post, there’s nothing else of any real substance to report. The real benefit of rumors like this is that Sony may decide to spill a few more beans in order to get ahead of false information. They don’t need to do it, because they have plenty of other pretty things to distract us.
There is another rumor that the PS5 will be officially unveiled in February 2020, so we may have a long four months until these rumors and leaks are finally plugged for good.

Rumor: Next Generation "Will Have the Greatest Compute Jump in Any Console"

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