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Runescape has stood the test of time as one of the longest-lasting MMORPGs. With frequent updates and a dedicated player base, it continues to attract new players and bring back old ones.

How to Get to Catherby in Runescape

If you’re new to the game, the sprawling map can be a bit challenging to learn at first. Catherby is one of the closest locations in the members-only area and the first place most new P2P players will need to reach. We’re here to make your trip a bit easier.

How to Get to Catherby

The easiest way to get to Catherby if you’ve never been in the members-only area before is to use the Lodestone Network. If you’re a new player, you have only one Lodestone available, Burthorpe. Luckily, it’s one of the closest options to the village, so it makes for a great starting point.

We’d still recommend going through the tutorial sections to unlock other Lodestones in the F2P area before traveling to Catherby, though.

Once you’ve got your Lodestones sorted, here’s how you can get to Catherby:

  1. Bring some armor and supplies with you since you’ll be traveling in the wilderness.
  2. Teleport to Burthorpe or Taverley. These are the two closest Lodestones.
  3. If you’re in Burthorpe, you’ll need to travel south to Taverley. Once you’re in Taverley, go west directly.
  4. Keep to the south of the White Wolf Mountain, or follow the path through it. This area has plenty of aggressive NPCs. Lower-level players might have problems with wolves, especially the bigger white ones. Try to run away if possible.
    The path south of the mountain might be blocked, which is why you’d need to go through the White Wolf Mountain to reach Catherby.
  5. You should reach Catherby after you start going down the other side of the mountain path.

Once you reach Catherby, activate its Lodestone, making the town easy to teleport to next time. Finish the fishing quest in the town to unlock a shortcut between Catherby and Taverley if you plan to make the journeys on foot.

Other Ways to Reach Catherby

Once you’ve reached Catherby via foot, it becomes relatively easier to do so from other member-only areas. One of the other closest cities to Catherby is Camelot. Camelot has a specific teleportation spell that doesn’t use Lodestones and needs you to have Level 45 Magic. This area is also much safer to travel around, especially since you should be higher-leveled and better-equipped at that point.

Another popular method of reaching Catherby, without using Lodestones, is to get a Charter ship from any port. This method can be extremely costly but is nearly instantaneous and risk-free if you’ve never been to the area before.

What Can You Do in Catherby

Catherby is one of the most popular fishing and farming areas on the map. It is an excellent center of operations for any budding farmer or fisherman, allowing them to quickly store their spoils thanks to its allotment farm patches, fishing spots, a bank, and a charter port.

If you’re a new Runescape member, Catherby is a spot you shouldn’t miss. It’s very close to the free-player areas, so it makes sense to start your member adventure in a sleepy fishing town.

What will you do in Catherby? Let us know in the comment section below.

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