Sci-Fi Meets Lovecraft in Launch Trailer for Dolmen


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We’ll have to wait until next year to get our hands on the Dead Space remake, but developers Massive Work Studio have another sci-fi game filled with Lovecraftian horrors with Dolmen. The game just launched for all platforms, and we have a new trailer showcasing all the crazy creatures and intricate space weapons.

Sci-Fi Meets Lovecraft in Launch Trailer for Dolmen

Watch this:

Here’s the official descript

In Dolmen you will grow stronger with each battle! Check out the first official gameplay trailer and experience a rich combat system with various weapons and moves at your disposal.

Dolmen is a terrifying new action RPG that combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Cosmic Horror elements. Dolmen casts players onto a hostile alien world known as Revion Prime. Your job? Bring back samples of a crystal with particularly unique properties; the so-called “Dolmen”. These crystals are capable of allowing interaction between realities, revolutionizing space exploration and changing the known world forever.

Surviving is the last thing this world wants you to do. Will you see your timeline erased or will you overcome the challenge that awaits you?

If anything, the game looks like a cross between Dead Space and Doom. While Dolmen is certainly more colourful than the dark corridors of the USG Ishimura, the giant monsters and creature designs look a lot like something you would take on in Doom—except that things are more toned down.

We don’t know what the verdict will be on Dolmen yet, but it’s sure to scratch that sci-fi horror itch before the release of Dead Space in early 2023.

Dolmen is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5, and PC.

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