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Whether you realize it or not, you probably already have your favorite chat app. Perhaps you use five of them at the same time, especially if some of your friends use only one or two. But there’s always that one you come back to. Enter Discord, the chat app designed and curated especially for gamers.

Search Not Working in Discord – What to Do

The platform is free and has tens of millions of users. Gamers use it to find each other, chat, and coordinate their gaming activities. You get voice calls, video calls, and text. You also get an occasional glitch. If your search feature isn’t working in Discord, what should you do about it?

Go Directly to the Source

Search Tool is essential for, literally, anything to do with the internet. When it comes to the Discord app, you need it to find your friends and chats. Essentially, you pretty much can’t do anything without it. So, when Discord is going through a malfunction and the search tool isn’t working, you’re going to be understandably frustrated.

What you need to do is go directly to the source and see if there’s any information about it. Go to Discord App website. When you’re on the home page:

  1. Scroll all the way down and under “Resources” where you’ll see the section “Help & Support”.
  2. Selecting that will direct you to the Help Center page.
  3. From there choose the section F.A.Q.s.
  4. That will lead you to the troubleshooting page and the list of “Known Issues”.
  5. Select “Search Tool Not Working”.
    search not working
    faqknown issuesearch tool not working

Now you’ll find yourself on the page that has the latest updates regarding this issue. If the search tool isn’t working on your Discord app, there’s a chance that they’re already aware of it. You might see a statement that says that the company has learned about the problem and is working on fixing it. Often, this has to do with the Google server issues that are happening on the same day.

Send Feedback

But what are you supposed to do if you go to the Help Center and there are no statements or news updates about why the search tool isn’t working? Well, you can wait a while and see if any further news comes through, and every now and then check if the problem is resolved via the app. However, if you’re not feeling very patient, you can inform them of the issue yourself by sending feedback.

Go back to the Discord Home page and scroll all the way down. At the very bottom, also under “Resources”, you’ll find the section “Feedback”. Selecting that will direct you to a list of community topics. There, you can select “Chat” or “Other” and write about the problem you’re experiencing. You might already see that someone has posted about the issue and you can join in the conversation. Alternatively, you can post one yourself and see if you’ll get any responses.

In the meantime, it’s probably smart to check the Known Issue sections as well, just to see if there have been any updates. Sometimes, just the acknowledgment that other people are experiencing the same predicament, and that something is going to be done about it, helps a lot. Whatever you do, try not to worry too much. These things happen and they always get sorted out in the end.


Update or Reinstall Your Discord App

You went ahead and did all due diligence, sent feedback and checked for updates, but too much time has passed, and the problems have persisted. There’s a possibility that the version of Discord you have is not up to date. If you’re using the mobile app, you can check if you have the latest update by going to Google Play for Android devices and Apple Store for those that run on iOS.

For Windows users, it might be the safest bet to simply uninstall and then reinstall Discord directly from the Home page. Using an app, chat or otherwise, leads to an issue or two occasionally. It can cause inconvenience, but also provides an opportunity to make sure you have all the apps you use updated and working properly. The silver lining is important. And the good news is that Discord’s Help Center is extensive and thorough. It relies on the fact that the gaming community is real and organized. It also keeps track of the common issues and problems that occur regularly.


Search Your Way to the Answer

You know what you need to do if you open the Discord app and the search feature isn’t working. Stay calm, for one. And then redirect that instinct for searching to finding an answer with the Discord Support. Most often, things will be fixed as soon as possible, and you and your gaming family can carry on as normal.

Follow the few easy steps and find the known issues page. Then, just refresh the “Search Tool Not working” section until you get some news. If all else fails, turn to Discord updates or just reinstall it.

Have you ever experienced this kind of issue before? How long did it take to get resolved? Let us know in the comments section below.

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