How to Get to Senpou Temple in Sekiro


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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the titular character travels around a fictitious Japan. His journey requires him to reach Senpou Temple, a once-holy place. However, the road to Senpou Temple isn’t apparent, and you have to take a roundabout route to get to the site.

How to Get to Senpou Temple in Sekiro

Senpou Temple is a treacherous place infested with renegade monks. Even before you reach the area, you’ll have to face plenty of enemies. Keep on reading for the best path to the temple grounds.

Start From Ashina Castle

It’s not possible to reach Senpou Temple right away because you need to unlock Ashina Castle first. Check out the steps below to complete this requirement:

  1. Head to Ashina Castle.
    1 158
  2. Locate the first Sculptor’s Idol named “Ashina Castle.”
    2 44
  3. Move to the drawbridge and turn left to find a gap.
    3 40
  4. Use your grappling hook to cross the gap and grab the ledge.
    4 2 3

The Sculptor’s Idol is located near the castle’s entrance. As it’s one of the first ones you unlock in the area, you won’t miss it.

Entering the Abandoned Dungeon

Once you reach the ledge and move forward, you’ll see some enemies. You can ignore or kill them. Both options will eventually lead you to follow a path.

  1. After bypassing or killing the enemies, you’ll arrive at the Abandoned Dungeon.
    1 159
  2. Within the dungeon, you can also fight the enemies or let them be.
    2 45
  3. Keep moving and reach the caves.
    3 41
  4. When you see water, jump in for a swim.
    4 2 4
  5. Keep swimming until you see a manual elevator.
    5 24
  6. Make the lift come down by interacting with the controls.
    6 2 3
  7. Ascend from the Abandoned Dungeon by interacting with the controls again.
    7 19
  8. When you emerge from the underground, you’ll find a Sculptor’s Idol after some walking.
    8 14
  9. Interact with the idol to unlock the area.
    9 2 1
  10. Leave the area to reach Senpou Temple.
    10 8

Before you explore Senpou Temple further, it’s essential to interact with the Sculptor’s Idol. Doing so lets you warp back any time you wish. In addition, you can come back and rest if your health is low.

Senpou Temple

When you first reach the temple grounds, a mysterious voice will call out to you. You can speak to it when you follow it and look at the Buddha tapestry near the Sculptor’s Idol. The voice informs you that the monks originally staying in the temple have decided to pursue immortality instead of following the true path.

After telling you this, the voice tells you to turn back but won’t stop you from continuing. After this conversation, you can continue exploring the area.

The area around Senpou Temple is full of enemies, especially the deranged and deformed monks. They’re skilled in hand-to-hand combat and have an unblockable grab. Other monks have weapons and are harder to fight.

There’s also plenty of items to loot in the area, and you should leave no stone unturned.

123 1

A Desecrated Sanctuary

The sad state of Senpou Temple and its former inhabitants’ deformed appearance tells you that they’re up to nothing good. If you trust in your stealth abilities, heading to the temple won’t be too difficult. The path isn’t too confusing either, as it’s mostly straightforward.

Did you manage to locate the elevator initially? How did you fare in Senpou Temple? Let us know in the comments section below.

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