The Sims 4 Scenario Guide: Finding Love After a Breakup


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The Sandbox genre is known to have no straightforward objective, and that gives a chance for players to decide among themselves without strictly being bound to the rules. Even if The Sims 4 has tons of goals and objectives, like the newly-added Scenarios mode, you can play the game however you wish. That is not to say these Scenarios do not have multiple outcomes if you prefer to play the game differently. The creators of The Sims 4 promise to give you various endings depending on the life choices you make.

The Sims 4 Scenario Guide: Finding Love After a Breakup

Last time, we covered the Making Money Scenario. So today, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Finding Love after a Breakup Scenario.

Finding Love After a Breakup

FLAB StartScenario

Your main objective here is to help your Sims, who were previously together, recover from their devastating breakup while living under the same roof. Getting started will require you to have two Sims you would like to pair up, or in this case — split up and get back together again. You can also load an existing household with two adult Sims who are not related to each other.

You can also pick your favorite Sim couple! However, no matter how head over heels in love they were with each other in your previous playthrough, they will instantly become sworn enemies when they move into a residential lot.

FLAB Householdrequirements

Currently, The Making Money Scenario has only one outcome, but in this scenario, you are given three possible endings:

  1. A Sim is Soulmates with someone they have broken up with: Unlocked if you successfully manage to get your Sims back together.
  2. A Sim is Best Friends with someone they have broken up with: Unlocked if you can make your Sims who are Exes to have the “Best Friends” label in the relationship pane.
  3. A Sim is Soulmates with someone they have never broken up with: Unlocked if you can make your Sim fall for another Sim who is not their Ex.

Chasing after an Ex or Befriending them

FLAB Lovehurts

Getting either the first or second outcome in this Scenario can be quite a tricky thing to accomplish. You have two very heartbroken Sims who will most likely feel awful around each other. Therefore, attempting to reconcile during this time will probably get you nowhere. So here are some valuable tips to help you rekindle your Sims’ relationship that has lost its flame.

At the start of the Scenario, both your Sims are already in a terrible state because of the Betrayed moodlet, the Deeply Wounded sentiment, and the Terrible match and Broken Up statuses in the relationship pane. You need to wait for 10 hours until their negative emotions have passed before you can try to patch things up between them.

FLAB LoveHurts2

Once their moods have finally improved, you can turn the tides around by making one of your Sim apologize to the other Sim. If you continue to make them have friendly interactions without bordering on becoming flirty or romantic, they can start to become comfortable with each other again.

When you get to the point where your Sims have decided to bury the hatchet and become friends, you may be able to finish the Scenario with the “A Sim is Best Friends with Someone they’ve broken up with” outcome. To do this, your Sim needs to ask their ex if they want to become best friends once they reach 80% of their friendship.

If you would like to take things further than that, you can constantly try to make your Sims have romantic interactions until they get enough friendship points and mutual romantic relationship points.

A Chance at Love in Another Sim’s Arms

FLAB 3rd

The third outcome can be obtained by allowing your Sim to establish a deeper relationship with someone, not an ex-partner. You can permanently end things between the exes and split up their households, or you can let your Sims still be roommates. Although, it can be difficult for both Sims if someone brings home a new lover, especially if one of them has the Jealous trait.

The Sims 4: City Living has an event called The Romance Festival, and it is catered for Sims who are looking for love in the quickest possible way they can imagine. Try to invite the other Sim to that event and make them drink the blossom tea together. Afterward, you can select the “Joke about being together” option and watch how love would blossom between the new couple.

Once your Sim has completely moved on with another Sim who they consider their soulmate, you can win the third potential ending.

Completing the Finding Love After a Breakup Scenario

FLAB Bestfriends

Obtaining one of the three possible endings will earn you Satisfaction Points which you may put to good use if you decide on continuing your current playthrough. Of course, finishing the Scenario will revert you to the normal sandbox gameplay. It will be entirely up to you if you want your Sims to spend the rest of their lives with their new love, or if you would like to add a little drama and merge households to get them in a love triangle situation.

So if you have not tried the other available Scenarios yet, make sure to check them all out. Since The Sims 4 seems like they will not stop getting updates soon, we’re sure to get more of them in the future.

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