Skull and Bones Will Not be a Narrative-Based Game



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A few weeks ago, we finally got a good look at Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate game, Skull, and Bones. The series is expected to be another open-world title but focused on the world of pirates, and though fans are expecting a story, game director Ryan Barnard says that will be up to the player.

Skull and Bones Will Not be a Narrative-Based Game

Talking to True Achievements, Barnard explains how Skull and Bones will not be a narrative-driven game. He explains:

“Skull and Bones is not a narrative-driven game… We have narrative pieces — in the game, you’ll meet important NPCs called Kingpins which have their own stories that you’ll learn as you develop rapport with them by taking on contracts with them. There is an underlying story to the game with which we build the entire world lore, but that’s not the main focus.”

Instead, Barnard emphasizes that the story will ultimately be up to the player, who can choose the kind of pirate they want. After all, a pirate’s life is not about looting ships—it can be about smuggling or maybe even searching for buried treasure. Players can access different blueprints through the game’s Infamy system, allowing them access to various ships, weapons, and armor.

Though Sea of Thieves on pirates, Skull, and Bones promises something on the more authentic side—not unlike the Assassin’s Creed titles.

Enter the dangerous paradise of Skull and Bones, inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy, as you overcome the odds and rise from an outcast to an infamous pirate. Craft a variety of unique ships to survive, thrive, and rule in an immersive world that introduces new challenges and features every season.

Skull and Bones launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Nov. 8.

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