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Slimes do not pose much of a threat in combat, but when a bunch of them lunge at you simultaneously, they can become troublesome. In Stardew Valley, you can raise Slimes as pets and keep them in a Slime Hutch. But even if you treat them as pets, Slimes will still attack you at every chance they get. Are they worth keeping? What is the purpose of having a Slime Hutch? Let’s find out in this article!

How do Slime Hutches Work in Stardew Valley

What is a Slime Hutch?

The Slime Hutch is a farm building that appears like a dungeon prison in medieval times. Its purple exterior color may look relatively out of place in your farmhouse, but the Slime Hutch is the perfect place to raise and breed Slimes. The building can hold up to 20 Slimes of any color, and it is spacious enough to store essential tools that can multiply your Slimes, such as the Slime Incubator. This incubator can also keep Slime Egg-Press which is responsible for creating Slime Eggs.

Slime Eggs are valuable items produced from raising Slimes. Keep on reading if you want to learn more about the benefits of building a Slime Hutch and keeping Slimes on your farm.

Benefits of having a Slime Hutch

1. A Good Source of Money

After getting a Slime Hutch, you will get a 1% chance of dropping Slime Eggs when Slimes are killed. Selling heaps of these eggs can make you a pile of money, although it would not be much of a profit if you kill all the Slimes you have worked so hard to breed. Slimes will produce Slime Balls which will give you Slimes (monster loot) and Petrified Slimes. However, they will only get spawned by Slimes if you have at least five of them in your hutch.

Using a Slime Egg-Press, you can get eggs without slaying your Slimes. Put 100 Slimes (monster loot) inside the tool, and you will get a Slime Egg after 20 in-game hours. The eggs that come out from the Slime Egg-Press are random, except for Tiger Egg Slimes. Tiger Egg Slimes have the most value, but they can only be obtained by killing Tiger Slimes from Ginger Island.

Slime Eggs have different prices that vary on their color:

  • Green Slime Eggs: 1,000 gold
  • Blue Slime Eggs: 1,750 gold
  • Red Slime Eggs: 2,500 gold
  • Purple Slime Eggs: 5,000 gold
  • Tiger Slime Eggs: 8,000 gold

2. A Chance to Decorate the Interior Layout of the Hutch 

You can also place decorative items inside the Slime Hutch. The building is structured like a cabin at the beginning, but the inside is not totally empty. You’ll get water troughs that are important in keeping Slimes hydrated. When it gets populated with Slimes, building a safe zone inside the hutch is necessary if you do not want to get mauled by your untamed pets.

One layout idea is building iron fences to keep the Slimes far away from the entrance, and you can put statues and other decorative items outside of that enclosure. Adding flooring will not only give the Slime Hutch a more pleasing look, but it can also help you in safely collecting the Slime Balls since Slimes can not drop them on crafted flooring.

There is a random chance a witch will come by to put a curse on your Slime Hutch, turning all your colored Slimes into cursed Black Slimes. To prevent this from happening, you must place a Wicked Statue inside the building.

3. Breeding Different Colors of Slimes 

This one is for those who are curious about the aspect of Slime breeding. To start reproducing Slimes, you will have to put a Slime egg in a Slime Incubator and wait two days before it hatches. 

Slimes also have genders, so they can mate and have babies. The male Slime, who has an antenna on its head, will always be the first one to pursue the female Slime. If the female Slime agrees to mate with the male, they will mate. The baby Slime will appear smaller than regular Slimes, but they will have the same amount of health as their parents. Concerning the color of the baby Slime, they will inherit a mixture of their parents’ colors.

This part might get a little complicated, but you can continue reading to learn more about breeding Slimes if you have the time. Slimes have different RGB Values depending on their colors, like a color scheme system used in the game. A yellow Slime, for example, has Red > 200, Green > 180 and Blue < 50. Another example is the cursed black Slime with Red < 80, Green < 80, and Blue < 80 values.

So if you have noticed based on those numbers, the higher the Slime’s RGB values are, the lighter its color will appear. If you’re determined enough, you can breed a Pure-White Slime, the rarest Slime of all. You will have to keep breeding Slimes; the longer you leave them alone to multiply, the lighter their Slime babies will become. Separate the darker-looking Slimes from the lighter ones and let them reproduce. You will have to build a bigger place for your Slimes, like a Slime Ranch, to do this effectively. If you continue breeding light-colored Slimes in this manner, you will be able to get Pure-White Slimes.

4. Getting Items from Killing Slimes

A Pure-White Slime’s RGB Value is Red > 255, Green > 255, and Blue > 255. But how can you attest that you have Pure-White Slimes without the use of mods? Slay a bunch of them, and you will instantly get diamonds! Purple Slimes drop iridium ores when killed, and we all know how important these ores are for crafting better tools and items. Yellow Slimes will give you gold ores, while Red Slimes will give you copper ores. Gray-colored Slimes will drop stones when they are killed, and Cursed Black slimes will give you coal.

Tiger Slimes are already valuable because of their eggs, but you will be glad to know there is a 0.1% chance of getting a Tiger Hat upon slaying them.

How to get a Slime Hutch

1. Gather Materials

Compared with other farm buildings, the cost of getting a Slime Hutch is not that high. You only need 10,000 gold to pay for the construction of the building. The materials you are required to have are 500 Stones, 10 Refined Quartz, and 1 Iridium Bar.

2. Go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop

Robin’s Carpenter Shop is open every day from 9 to 5 PM, except on Tuesdays. If you enter her shop while she is behind the counter, you can ask her to build you a Slime Hutch. Robin will happily oblige so long as you have the fee and materials to build it. It will take two days for her to finish the Slime Hutch.

3. Receive a Slime Egg from Marlon

Once Robin finishes building the hutch, you will get a visit from Marlon. Being the curious fellow he is in all things related to monsters, Marlon will say he heard you have a new Slime Hutch. He will then give you brief instructions on how to breed Slimes, and he will hand you your first Green Slime egg.

Additional Tips on Breeding Slimes

Get a Slime Charmer Ring

As you already know, Slimes can still hurt you even if you start treating them as pets. Before you start breeding Slimes, you will have to equip yourself with an accessory that can make you invulnerable to Slime attacks, and that is precisely what a Slime Charmer does. The Slime Charmer is a ring that can be acquired from the Adventurer’s Guild. You can only obtain it after completing the Monster Eradication Goal of Killing 1,000 Slimes quest.

Wear a Burglar’s Ring

The Burglar’s Ring can double the amount of loot you get from killing Slimes when it is equipped. Like the Slime Charmer, it will only become available to you after you finish the Monster Eradication Goal of Killing Dust Sprites quest.

Place a Sprinkler near their trough.

Slimes are not hard to maintain and take care of. They do not require to be fed with hay or constant petting, as they are simple creatures needing only water to survive. To keep them hydrated, put a sprinkle near their water trough.

Slime Ranching

If you think the Slime Hutch’s interior space is too constricted, you can move all your Slimes outside your hutch and build a Slime Ranch. As long as the area has Slime Incubators and some Fences to enclose your Slimes in a pent, you can put them anywhere on your farm or even somewhere in Pelican Town! Although the only way you could benefit from this is by breeding them or killing them for their items because Slimes can’t produce Slime Eggs outdoors.

The best places to build a Slime Ranch are the Quarry, Railroad, and Cindersap Forest due to their massive, open spaces. Avoid putting your Slimes in the Beach or the Sewers because they tend to disappear overnight in those areas.

Note that it wouldn’t be possible for you to make a Slime Ranch without a Slime Hutch. By not having this hutch, you could not get that 1% chance of obtaining Slime Eggs from killing Slimes in the mines.

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