How To Solve the Coral Island Diving Puzzle


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Is there a solution to the underwater music diving puzzle in Coral Island?

How To Solve the Coral Island Diving Puzzle

Coral Island from Stairway Games may be a farming simulator at the core, but the game has many things to offer besides having to grow and sell your crops. Not only can you tend to your farm, but you can also go around exploring, forming relationships with the different NPCs, and discovering all kinds of things around the island.

Players in Coral Island can mine and scavenge for items not only on land but undersea as well, with the game allowing you to go underwater and catch all kinds of rare critters and collect undersea kelp. Diving isn’t available in the game from the get-go, though, and you’ll have to unlock at around the 8th Day of Spring. You’ll receive a letter from Ling, the local scientist, and after following her instructions, you’ll be able to get access to the ocean.

Diving certainly doesn’t make as much money as farming, but it adds more variety to the options in Coral Island and helps set it apart from other farm-sim games.

The Underwater Music Puzzle

The underwater music diving puzzle in Coral Island is located around the central east section of the sea. Underwater, you’ll notice a huge clam statue with a prickly shell on a podium, and in front of it are pressure-sensitive plates that emit notes when you hover over them.

Before you can access the location, though, you’ll have to clean up 20 oil spills in the ocean successfully. Once you do that, you’ll be able to explore more and find yourself in front of the clam monument.

What’s puzzling about the location is that some players think that playing the right tone will unlock some kind of achievement or mission, but nothing has been working so far. Some players also think that the pressure plates are just there for the players to have fun with (like the guitar mini-game in The Last of Us Part II), but it’s not extensive enough to be that as well.

Gameplay still from Coral Island

Is There a Solution?

As it turns out, there isn’t any specific solution—because there isn’t a puzzle to solve; at least, not yet. Players on the subreddits have surmised that the statue and the pressure pads are a part of the game that is still unfinished and will become relevant in a future update.

With the developers of Stairway Games promising a roadmap of updates for 2024, some are hoping that the statue and the puzzle in front of it will become part of some sort of mission in the future that will have players coming underwater and trying to fulfill a new mission that could involve the undersea creatures—specifically the merpeople.

In the meantime, players can have fun playing with the pressure pads. Still, as of the time of writing, the consensus with everyone in the community is that this is part of an unfinished segment in the game, and we should just wait and see what the developers have in store for it in the future.

Looking to the Future

Though the beauty of a game like Coral Island is that you have many options and choices of things to pursue, the game has events that will push players to try and experience everything the game offers.

The game has annual Harvest Festivals where players can brush up on their farming skills and love for mini-games, and there’s a museum that will push players to explore rare items. Though diving isn’t the most profitable route in-game, there are ways to make that part of Coral Island more interesting.

Fingers crossed that Stairway Games drops an update sometime earlier in 2024.

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