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If you’re getting serious Inside vibes from Somerville, a game revealed at E3 2021’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, there’s a reason for that. The studio behind the game, Jumpship, is — as its website states — “founded around an original IP by Chris Olsen built in collaboration with ex-CEO and co-founder of Playdead, Dino Patti.” Somerville looks to send players on a quite the dark and mysterious adventure, which presumably starts on an otherwise boring evening (hence the couch image above). Here’s what we’ve got on a Somerville release date, along with some additional info about the game.

Somerville release date: 2022

The current Somerville release date is simply 2022

somerville release date

It appears this one isn’t quite ready to come out of the oven yet. Though it was unveiled during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase along with a slew of titles set for summer and fall, it didn’t come with a specific release date, instead opting to give players a plain-old 2022.

If you’d like the blunt truth, though, that is probably best at this point. The end of this year is becoming increasingly crowded, as games originally targeting Fall 2021 will be coming out, along with everything delayed from before that will now also land in that window. If Somerville wants as much attention as possible, it should probably stay away from the Halo Infinites and Far Cry 6s of the world.

We don’t know a whole lot about the Somerville story

“In the wake of catastrophe you must find the means to make your family whole again.” That is the description of the YouTube trailer for Somerville, which indicates that the narrative of the game is going to remain just as mysterious as the Somerville release date. But that isn’t totally unheard of. We didn’t know much about Inside prior to its release — nothing but the bare bones. It seems Somerville is going to follow that same path, which means we could be in for some twists and turns.

somerville release date

This one just shot right up onto my list of highly anticipated games, and I’m sure a bunch of other adventure/puzzle game fans are in agreement there. But for now, all that’s left to do is wait. We’ll have our ears to the ground for any additional details about the game that spill out, including when the Somerville release date might be. For the finer story bits, though, I have a feeling those won’t become more widely known until people are actually playing and finishing the game in 2022.

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