Spider-Man: Far from Home Skin Announced for Avengers Game



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I guess it’s better late than never. Spider-Man: No Way Home is just starting to lose steam on its theatrical run, and Square Enix is just now releasing their new Spider-Man skin for the Avengers game. T

Spider-Man: Far from Home Skin Announced for Avengers Game

Though fans would have loved something from the new movie, we have the black suit that Peter made by the end of Far from Home. Here’s the announcement:

Though Spidey already has several skins available for the game, this will be the first one that’s based on a film costume. Fans are curious why it’s a whole movie behind, but I guess the Avengers is trying its best not to compete with the available costumes for the Spider-Man game—which have a much more updated selection of Peter’s outfits from the films.

As of now, Crystal Dynamics is still trying its best to salvage what they can with the Avengers game. Admittedly, the game was kind of a bomb upon release, and there was so much criticism thrown at it from the look of the characters to the shallow gameplay.  It also doesn’t help that the new Spider-man expansion has less realistic web-swinging that Fortnite.

Hopefully Avengers manages to get its break in the future. For all its criticisms, playing it was still fun, and each hero you get to control had a very unique set of skills that embraced their powers to the fullest.

Square Enix’s Avengers is now playable for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4|PS5, and PC, but Spider-Man is exclusive to the PlayStation.

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