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Stadia is the brand new gaming service from Google. It is a hot topic across the web, and people have many questions about it since it was only just released. One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not Stadia works on a regular Chromecast.

Will Google Stadia Work on My Regular Chromecast?

The simple answer is no. Unfortunately, regular Chromecast does not have the hardware capabilities to support this completely new technology. All is not lost, though. Chromecast Ultra can help you enjoy Stadia on your TV. Read on for more details.

Stadia 101

Google has released Stadia with one goal in mind: to revolutionize gaming. Don’t you find it bothersome that you can’t play your games across multiple devices in your home? Most people do, and it is understandable.

Cross-platform play is very gimmicky, and game developers and gaming equipment manufacturers mostly try to avoid it. Game devs can’t be bothered because it is too much work, and big gaming hotshots like Microsoft and Sony don’t like working together.

That all makes sense, especially the latter. These tech giants are competing against each other, and they don’t want their users flocking to the other side. Albeit some new AAA titles, like Call of Duty Modern Warfare (the 2019 iteration), brought cross-play as one of its main features to the table, most games stay away from this concept.

Google decided to bypass these outdated standards and release a platform that will unite all gaming devices in your house into one. You can play on your TV, tablet, smartphone, PC, and your progress will be carried over across all devices.

chromecast ultra and stadia controller

Why Doesn’t Stadia Work on Regular Chromecast?

Unfortunately, there is no official statement from Google addressing this burning question. Our theory is that older Chromecast devices simply don’t have enough juice to support Stadia. Sure, these are neat devices and they make your life easier, but they’ve been around for a while now.

Since Stadia is a groundbreaking new prospect, it needed hardware that can support such innovative concepts. Even though its launch wasn’t perfect, and the platform still has its issues, it would be even worse if it launched on regular Chromecast.

This new service offers 4k video streaming at 60 frames per second across all platforms. It also provides HDR support. On paper, that sounds amazing but is challenging to realize. You need an excellent internet connection to use Stadia, that’s for sure.

Of course, you also need a device or multiple devices that support Stadia. Those devices include newer generations of tablets and smartphones, both Android and iOS, TVs, and computers. Any decent computer can run Stadia, as long as you have Google Chrome installed on it, and a stable connection.

To run Stadia without any difficulties, you should have an internet connection of at least 10 Mbit/sec for 720p gaming or 20 Mbit/sec for 1080p gaming. On PC, it is always better to use an Ethernet cable connection, but on other devices, a Wi-Fi connection with an excellent signal will work just as good.

internet speeds

Even though Chromecast is an award-winning device made for streaming and gaming, it simply doesn’t make the cut.

What Does Chromecast Ultra Bring to the Table?

Chromecast Ultra is not cheap, but considering the cost of next-gen gaming consoles and gaming computers, it is pretty affordable. Since it’s the only hardware requirement, besides a stable connection and the Stadia controller (not required on PC), it seems like a good investment.

Stadia controller can only work with Chromecast Ultra if you want it to be wireless, that is. That is another big reason to get Chromecast Ultra. Basically, Google has made it a necessity for using Stadia.

Besides the 4k HDR support, Chromecast Ultra comes with an Ethernet adapter, and it also offers much faster streaming and startup. While gaming on Stadia, you shouldn’t experience any freezes, glitches, or tearing, thanks to Chromecast Ultra.

Keep in mind that you need a fast internet connection for 4k streaming, and even 20 Mbit/sec doesn’t cut it. We recommend having at least 30 Mbit/sec for a smooth UHD experience. Going higher than that won’t hurt, but it isn’t necessary.

Finally, Chromecast Ultra is not there only for Stadia. You can enjoy streaming many apps, videos, movies, songs, etc. using this great device. If you want crisp audio and video quality, you will appreciate this casting device.

The Future Is Now

Technology is continuously evolving, and Google is one of the most impactful tech companies. It only makes sense that they are pushing the boundaries and manufacturing new, innovative devices such as Stadia.

Other companies will have to keep up, but so will we, the consumers. Do you like keeping up with the new tech? Did you already get Stadia and Chromecast Ultra? If so, is it serving you well and living up to the hype it got?

Share your thoughts and experiences about Stadia with us in the comments section below.

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