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The world of Stardew Valley has more than one currency that serves different purposes and uses. There is Gold, which everyone in the valley commonly uses. There are Qi Coins, which are only acceptable in the Casino. And perhaps the best in the bunch is the currency added in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update — the Qi Gems.

Stardew Valley: Best Uses for Qi Gems

Qi Gems are the rewards you can earn from completing quests for Mister Qi. These are far from the average tasks you will encounter in Pelican Town. Fulfilling each Special Order request for Mister Qi can be very challenging. Even getting to the place where you can access Qi Gems will be an uphill climb. You will have to scour through Ginger Island to find 100 Golden Walnuts to unlock Mister Qi’s Walnut Room.

Special Order Board Quests

The Walnut Room has a Special Order Board, which offers quests provided by Mister Qi. The Special Order Board will give you two quest options, and you can only select one task at a time. The board usually refreshes its quests every Monday, but it still hinges on when you can complete a challenge as the deadline for each one is usually different. It is also worth pointing out that you can repeat these quests time and time again. Below are all Mister Qi’s quests that you can find in the Special Order Board:

  • Qi’s Crop — 100 Qi Gems
  • Let’s Play A Game — 10 Qi Gems
  • Four Precious Stones — 40 Qi Gems
  • Qi’s Hungry Challenge — 25 Qi Gems
  • Qi’s Cuisine — 25 Qi Gems
  • Qi’s Kindness — 40 Qi Gems
  • Extended Family — 20 Qi Gems
  • Dangers in The Deep — 50 Qi Gems
  • Skull Invasion Quest — 40 Qi Gems
  • Qi’s Prismatic Grange — 35 Qi Gems

The Best Qi Items You Should Buy

Qi items are various goods that you can exchange for Qi Gems. Most of them are only exclusive to the Walnut Room, and this is part of the reason why these items are deemed to be valuable. You may purchase these items at the vending machine beside the deep purple-colored cat statue inside the Walnut Room. 

Acquiring Qi Gems is no easy task. So, if you are wondering which Qi items should you consider buying first, here are the best Qi Items that can vastly improve your quality of life in Stardew Valley.


The Deconstructor is an interesting machine you might want to have on your farm. It allows you to destroy items and retrieve the most important material used to craft that item. For example, if you need an Iridium Bar at the moment, toss in your extra Iridium Sprinkler in the Deconstructor, and it will give you an Iridium Bar after one in-game hour.

Note that you can only do this to craftable items to scrap organic resources in the machine. Mister Qi sells each Deconstructor for 20 Qi Gems.


For those who want to have a semi-automated farm without the use of mods, getting a bunch of Hoppers is the way to go. To use a Hopper, place it behind an Artisan machine, then you can add some items inside the Hopper and wait until it finishes processing a product.

After gathering the refined product, the Hopper will automatically transfer the item it is holding into the vacant machine. Hoppers are pretty useful when you are having a busy day on your farm, and you would still like to have heaps of progress in your Artisan business. One Hopper will cost you 10 Qi Gems.

Qi Seasoning

Qi Seasoning gives you a chance to improve the quality of your dishes. Cooked dishes sprinkled with Qi Seasoning can give you more health, energy, and extra stat buffs when you consume them. When you have this item in your inventory, you can enhance the flavor of your silver-quality Pumpkin Soup and turn it into gold quality. You can purchase 10 Qi Seasoning for 10 Qi Gems.

Magic Bait

Magic Bait is used to lure fish, and it lets you get any kind of fish that only appears in specific seasons. Using Magic Bait will give you a higher chance to complete your fish collection. You may also reel in all types of fish to earn the Master Angler achievement. Catching all the different types of fish in Stardew Valley’s existence is also a step closer to reaching 100% completion. You can buy 20 pieces of Magic Bait for 5 Qi Gems.

Enricher and Pressure Nozzle

Enrichers and Pressure Nozzles are for quality-of-life improvements that you can add to your sprinklers. Enrichers can be filled up with fertilizers, and they automatically spread them on soil with planted seeds. Pressure Nozzles increase the range of your Sprinklers. In other words, your Quality Sprinkler, which can usually water 3×3 of your crops, can increase its range to 5×5 with a Pressure Nozzle. Mister Qi sells four Enrichers for 20 Qi Gems and four Pressure Nozzles for 20 Qi Gems.

Crafting Recipes

The Deluxe Fertilizer, Hyper Speed-Gro, Heavy Tapper, Hopper, and Magic Bait all have crafting recipes that you may purchase for varying prices. You will also need these recipes if you are a completionist and make all 129 craftable items in the game.

Pierre’s Missing Stocklist

Give this piece of paper to Pierre, and he will gladly allow you to buy seasonal seeds from him even if they are out-of-season. Gaining access to all kinds of seeds all year round can save you the hassle of duplicating them in Seed Makers. You can only have one stocklist per playthrough, and you can purchase it from Mr. Qi for 50 Qi Gems.

Junimo Chest

The first two available Junimo Chests cost 30 Qi Gems each. And the succeeding ones can be purchased for 15 Qi Gems. All Junimo Chests share the same storage, meaning they are all interconnected even if they are placed far apart in the world. They can only stack nine items, but these chests are pretty handy if you frequently travel to a particular location and need access to the item you often use.

Horse Flute

The Horse Flute is one of the most useful items you should have if you often travel from place to place with your horse. No matter where you are in Stardew Valley, you can use it to transport your horse to your current location. You can purchase a Horse Flute from Mister Qi for 50 Qi Gems.

Key To The Town

With the Key To The Town in your hand, you can become like Mayor Lewis — maybe even more powerful than the Mayor. You can enter all the buildings or houses in Stardew Valley with this key, regardless of what time of day it is. You can even go inside people’s private quarters despite not being close friends and give them gifts even when inside their rooms. This key can even help you gain entrance to buildings that are closed on certain days of the week. And you will be glad to know that the Key To The Town can be purchased for only 20 Qi Gems!

Honorable Mentions

The Qi Items stated above are the ones we think you should prioritize first once you get hold of Qi Gems, but there are some honorable mentions that you should not miss out on. Listed below are the Qi Items that also deserve some recognition:

Galaxy Souls

Galaxy Souls are used as a forging material in the Volcano Forge to acquire the powerful Infinity Weapons. The reason why it’s not regarded as one of the best Qi items is because of how expensive it is. One Galaxy Soul already costs 40 Qi Gem, and you will need three of them if you want to turn your Galaxy weapon into an Infinity Weapon. There are other ways to obtain Galaxy Souls, such as killing monsters in the Volcano Dungeon or exchanging 10 Radioactive Bars for one Galaxy Soul in the Island Trader.

Golden Egg

Golden Eggs can only be unlocked after you hit 100% game completion. Getting a Golden Egg for 100 Qi Gems is worth the investment, profit-wise. A Golden Egg can hatch Golden Chickens, and you can breed plenty of them in a coop. These shiny eggs can sell up to 1,200g each. If you turn one Golden Egg into mayonnaise, you can get three gold-quality mayonnaise.

Aquatic Sanctuary

The Aquatic Sanctuary is probably one of the best cosmetic items you can get from the Walnut Room’s vending machine. You can design your house or shed with these and make your oceanarium by displaying all the prized fish you caught. The Aquatic Sanctuary costs 20 Qi Gems each.

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