How to Get Exploration Chances in State of Survival


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When zombies flip the world’s order, you have to fight hard to take a new breath. State of Survival embodies this principle of living another day perfectly, and exploration is an essential part of the game. However, exploration is limited without stamina.

How to Get Exploration Chances in State of Survival

The Explorer Trail is a repeatable story quest in State of Survival, and without stamina, you won’t be able to play it. If you’re looking for ways to gain exploration chances, you’re in the right place. Follow our methods to explore more often.

What Is the Explorer Trail?

Once your Headquarters reach Level Two, you can build a structure called the Hero Precinct. This building is mainly a hub for exploration, and one of its game modes is the Explorer Trail.

The Explorer Trail has 12 trails, and each Trail has 12 challenges to complete. For every Trail, you can beat Challenges Three, Six, Nine, and 12 as long as you have the Squad Stamina. The others are one-time missions.

You learn more about State of Survival’s lore by playing through the Explorer Trail. The rewards you can reap from running the challenges are also well-worth your time. You’ll also get some EXP for beating a challenge.

Fighting in the Wilderness consumes Chief Stamina, which is different from Squad Stamina. Make sure you know the differences to prevent any confusion.

There’s no other game mode on which to spend Squad Stamina. If you have some, we recommend using it up as much as you can for more rewards.

How to Get Squad Stamina in State of Survival

Like Chief Stamina, Squad Stamina will replenish over time at a rate of six points per hour. The cap is 100 Squad Stamina, and you’ll have to use some to let it fill again. However, you can get stamina over the cap through one method.

As you’ll constantly be gaining Squad Stamina passively, there are always chances for exploration. The trails and challenges won’t go away, making them a great game mode to farm rewards.

If you want to gain more Squad Stamina actively, you can get Final Hope Supplies. The organization named Final Hope sends you stamina crates every eight hours. The boxes contain eight Small Chief Stamina and eight Small Squad Stamina.

The Small Squad Stamina item replenishes your current bar by 10, and it can go over the cap too. You’ll effectively have more than 100 Squad Stamina after using it.

When you unlock the VIP Store, you can buy Small Squad Stamina there. The higher your VIP level, the cheaper the items are. You’ll need a few hundred Biocaps to buy a Small Squad Stamina item each, though.

The Daily Drop Bundle, once a player buys and activates it, will give you 10 Small Squad Stamina every day. The rewards refresh when it hits a specific time. Although the game says midnight is the renewal time, it might vary depending on your time zone.

Small Squad Stamina items will stay in your inventory once you obtain them. When you have time to farm the Explorer’s Trail, use as many as you like.

Time to Farm Again

Unfortunately, there isn’t an item called “Exploration Chances” in State of Survival. However, you still have access to Squad Stamina to beat the Explorer Trail’s challenges repeatedly. The silver lining in this situation is that if you play the game often, you’ll find yourself reaping plenty of rewards from the Trail often.

How often do you play the Explorer’s Trail each day? Do you use Small Squad Stamina items frequently? Let us know in the comments section below.

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