How to Increase Troop Power in State of Survival


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To help players of State of Survival figure out their strength, the developers introduced the Battle Power system. It measures everyone’s combat potential based on various factors, and you can increase your ratings to score higher. Even so, not everyone knows how that’s done.

How to Increase Troop Power in State of Survival

Whether you’re new to State of Survival or want a refresher, you’re in luck. We’ll discuss the best ways to increase your Battle Power immensely. Keep on reading, as getting stronger should be your primary goal in this game.

Upgrade Your Buildings

The best way to gain Battle Power is to upgrade your buildings. None of the other factors affect your ratings as much. Out of all of them, your Headquarters should be the priority, followed by the military-oriented structures.

When you upgrade any of these buildings, you’ll notice a considerable increase in Battle Power. Keep in mind that cosmetic buildings don’t contribute to your rating.

Train and Upgrade Troops

The more troops you have, the higher your Battle Power is. Your existing troops should also receive upgrades when you can afford them. While increasing the number of soldiers doesn’t give you the most considerable boost, it’s the most consistent method.

The reason is that you can always train and upgrade troops, while structure upgrades only come by after a lot of farming.

One thing to remember is that while you upgrade troops, they’ll be away for training. This could mean a decrease in your Battle Power, albeit temporarily. When they return, you’ll get your lost points back and then some, as the soldiers are now more robust.

Recruit More Heroes

Hero units are the backbone of your troops because they bring along benefits ordinary soldiers don’t have. Like these troops, it’s advised to upgrade them as much as possible. Doing so helps you increase Battle Power.

The caveat for upgrading Heroes is that their materials aren’t common drops. Because of this, try to focus on the Heroes you use the most instead of upgrading all of them. That way, you can organize your farming process and work efficiently.

If you do get some unexpected resources, by all means, spend them for a slight Battle Power boost.

Research and Technology

Upgrading both Research and Technology will make your state a better place in many ways. While you can choose to focus on Development and Economy for practical reasons, focusing on the Battle Tree also helps increase your Troop Power.

The various upgrades in the Battle Tree are generous boosts, making it an excellent priority to research. Troops with these upgrades are also much more effective in combat.

As for Technology, you’ll eventually get Plasma Units there, and these are among the best troops you can train.

Join an Alliance

Alliances offer both competitions and possible assistance from allies. The perks of joining an Alliance help make your state a stronger entity with friends to protect you, instead of having to go it alone.

Prioritize on Chief Battle Power

The Chief represents you in State of Survival, and his stats affect your overall combat power. Make sure his gear and talents are upgraded regularly. With constant upgrades and attention, you’ll have a strong Chief who will make a difference to your final Battle Power results.

Making Progress in the Game

Even small actions such as completing tasks and defeating enemies will increase your Battle Power even a little, but it all adds up to more boosts in the end.

Don’t Mess With Me

If your Battle Power ratings are high, it’s less likely someone will attack you unless they’re stronger. It takes a lot of work, but in the end, increased security and combat prowess are worth it. What’s more, if you have mighty allies, you’ll end up safer.

What’s your Battle Power right now? Do you find it challenging to increase the number? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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