How to Build Megastructures in Stellaris


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In Stellaris, you can choose from various megastructures. All of them are expensive to build, but they also come with attractive advantages. Not everyone can make them, though, as there are conditions to fulfill before players can build them.

How to Build Megastructures in Stellaris

Read on to find out more about the conditions and other requirements needed to build megastructures in Stellaris. Not only are they practical, but you also look good to the galactic community. By the end of the article, you’ll have a better idea of which megastructure suits your needs.

Stellaris Megastructures

All megastructures require a construction ship to build during the first stage. Here are the names and of all megastructures in Stellaris:


Gateways take two years, 6,000 Energy, and 2,500 Alloys to build. They let your ships travel quickly, as all gateways are part of a connected network.


Habitats are artificial planets you can build around colonized planets, provided there’s no mining or research station on it. The basic Habitat takes 150 Influence, 1,500 Alloys, and 1,800 days to build. You can expand them if you wish.

Ring World

Part of the Utopia DLC, Ring Worlds require the Galactic Wonders perk and another built megastructure. It has to be around a one-star system’s star alone. These Worlds take five years, 300 Influence, and 5,000 Alloys to construct its first stage.

Dyson Sphere

Dyson Spheres must be around regular stars and not have habitable planets, stations, or anomalies present. The first stage requires 300 Influence, five years, and 5,000 Alloys. You can expect to wait for 50 more years and 50,000 more Alloys to complete it.

You need the Utopia DLC to build a Dyson Sphere.

Science Nexus

The Science Nexus is another Utopia DLC megastructure and can be around any planet. It takes 35 years, 300 Influence, and 45,000 Alloys to reach completion.

Sentry Array

Yet another part of the Utopia DLC, you can build Sentry Arrays around any planet. However, it takes 25 years, 300 Influence, and 40,000 Alloys to create, with four stages to reach completion.

Matter Decompressor

The Matter Decompressor is part of the MegaCorp DLC, and its requirements are the same as the Ring World. It costs 45 years, 300 Influence, and 50,000 Alloys to build.

Mega Art Installation

The Mega Art Installation is from the MegaCorp DLC, but you need the Ancient Relics DLC to reach the final stage. You need 300 Influence, 50,000 Alloys, and 100 Minor Artifacts to complete one.

Strategic Coordination Center

This megastructure is part of the MegaCorp DLC but doesn’t have any special requirements to build. It costs 300 Influence and 50,000 Alloys.

Interstellar Assembly

The Interstellar Assembly is almost like the Strategic Coordination Center. The difference is in the Alloys cost; you only need 45,000 Alloys.

Mega Shipyard

The last MegaCorp DLC megastructure, the Mega Shipyard, can only stay around stars in one-star systems that have no stations on them. It costs 300 Influence and 33,000 Alloys.

Aetherophasic Engine

This megastructure is part of the Nemesis DLC, and the cost differs depending on Crisis Level. Once you finish repairing it, you can destroy the galaxy and win.

The Next Galactic Project

These are all of the main megastructures you can build in Stellaris. Some of them are part of DLC packs, so you’ll have to buy them before construction can begin. Some megastructures give powerful bonuses to your empire, so it may be worth your while to invest the time and resources to build one.

What megastructures have you built? Do you think megastructures are easy to make? Let us know in the comments section below.

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