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Bonehilda is an iconic character that was first introduced in Sims 1: Makin’ Magic. Aside from being an extremely helpful NPC, her unearthly skeletal features give a whole new element of weirdness in an already peculiar simulator game. Her comeback in Sims 3 was well-received by fans because, well, who wouldn’t want to have a skeleton for a maid? Now, players are trembling not in fear but excitement when they discovered Bonehilda has once again returned in The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack.

How to Summon Bonehilda in The Sims 4

How do you summon Bonehilda and get her to serve you in your household? What are Bonehilda’s other uses, aside from being an excellent housemaid? Let’s find out in this quick guide.

There’s a reason why Bonehilda, the Maid, is fairly popular amongst players. She always gets the job done, all the while bringing many hilarious situations involving panicky neighbors and huffy living maids. You will be glad to know Bonehilda can now do more household tasks and have more interactions with your Sims this time around.

Bonehilda as a maid

Upon seeing that the house needs cleaning, Bonehilda will immediately do chores like scrubbing the dirty toilet, mopping puddles, putting away toys, washing dishes, and preparing meals. Additionally, in Sims 4, she can tend to the garden and plant crops placed in planter bowls. Bonehilda can also take care of infants and toddlers. She will also help children with their homework. If there are specters and vicious ghosts around the house, Bonehilda will fight with them until they leave.

Bonehilda as a companion

When Bonehilda is done with all her chores, she will sometimes accompany your Sims to get to know them. Yes, your Sims can be best friends with a walking skeleton and gain Sentiments with her. She can be the perfect companion who can help them fulfill their social needs.

Bonehilda as a lover

In a game where your Sims can freely flirt and Woohoo with the Grim Reaper, it would not come as a surprise they can also do the same with Bonehilda. Your Sims can Woohoo with Bonehilda, but without the use of cheats, they can not get her pregnant.

How to Summon Bonehilda

Whether they live in a Haunted House or a normal Residential Lot, if your Sims have the skills for it, they can easily summon Bonehilda. Find out more by reading these three easy steps:

  1. Buy a Séance Table. Bonehilda still sports the black-and-white French maid outfit, but she no longer creeps out of a coffin when beckoned like in the previous games. Look for the Séance table in Build Mode, choose the table’s color to your liking, and pair it with a chair. You may add more chairs if you want to perform a group Séance.

2. Level up your Medium Skill. Being able to summon Bonehilda successfully depends on your Sim’s proficiency in communicating with otherworldly entities. Similar to a Musician and a guitar, mediums rely on the Séance table to improve their skill. To perform the summoning ritual successfully, improve your Sim’s Medium skill at least up to Level 4.

3. Summon Bonehilda. Now that your Sim is skilled enough to request the presence of the undead, an action bubble “Summon Bonehilda” will be added when you click the Séance Table. Click on the action and wait for a couple of minutes until the ritual is complete.

When Bonehilda has nothing to do, she does all these silly actions that are sure to entertain Sims 4 players. She likes to drink water, but she always seems to forget that she’s a skeleton. That is why she makes a puddle of a mess afterward. She will also occasionally stare at the mirror and admire her reflection. Bonehilda will also do a seductive dance whenever she gets a chance. Keep in mind she can spook the life out of a Sim, resulting in a tense moodlet. Maids will also quit their job and escape the lot at the sight of her.

Bonehilda does not need to get paid for her services, but she will only stay in your lot for a good 12 in-game hours as long as you do not dismiss or fire her.

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