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Star Wars: The Old Republic might not be canon anymore, but the game still retains a cult following. As of writing time, the 10th anniversary is several months away. However, despite its age, you can enjoy the game’s deep story and explore the vast universe of Star Wars as a free-to-play game.

SWTOR Story Order - A Complete List

Even so, the game’s story can be confusing for some, thanks to the game’s long life. However, the community has gathered a streamlined story order. Keep on reading to find out how to progress through the story mode.

SWTOR Story Order

Initially, you start with character creation and picking a faction. As all choices experience the events at roughly the same time, you can always come back later.

Since we can’t fit summaries into the article, we’ll keep things short. You can play Flashpoints solo or co-op, and we’ll list them out as well if possible.

Each class has a different story, and there are also extra quests. However, we’ll list out the main locations for you.

  1. Starter planet different for each class
  2. Pick a fleet to join
  3. Heading to your faction’s capital planet
  4. Depending on your faction, either Republic Taris or Imperial Balmorra
  5. Nar Shadda
  6. Tatooine
  7. Alderaan
  8. The option you didn’t pick between Republic Taris or Imperial Balmorra
  9. Quesh
  10. Hoth
  11. Belsavis
  12. Voss
  13. Directive 7 Flashpoint
  14. Corellia

From here on, your class story ends. There are still other story missions to play, so keep on reading.

  1. Ilum
  2. The Battle of Ilum & The False Emperor Flashpoint
  3. The Black Hole (Corellia)
  4. Section X (Belsavis)
  5. Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Makeb) Expansion
  6. CZ-198
  8. Shadow of Revan prelude
  9. Shadow of Revan (Rishi & Yavin 4) Expansion
  10. Ziost

Pay-to-Play Storylines

Should you purchase a subscription, you can continue playing the expansions as follows:

  1. Knights of the Fallen Empire (Zakuul & Odessen) Expansion
  2. Star Fortresses Flashpoints
  3. Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion
  4. Iokath
  5. Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint
  6. A Traitor Among the Chiss (Copero) Flashpoint
  7. The Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint
  8. Ossus
  9. Dantooine (Seasonal event)
  10. Onslaught (Onderon & Mek-Sha) Expansion
  11. Objective Meridian Flashpoint
  12. Five minor quests after Onslaught
  13. Echoes of Oblivion update

The Echoes of Oblivion update has some spoilers for earlier quests and storylines. It’s better to clear them before proceeding.

  1. Spirit of Vengeance
  2. Post-Spirit of Vengeance quests

These are the most up-to-date storylines. As time passes, the developers will release newer storylines for players to continue where they left off.

The Galaxy’s Tales

Whether SWTOR is canon or not, the game is still popular and in a healthy state. There are most likely huge updates coming for the anniversary celebrations, and fans are already speculating. If you’re not at the latest quests, you may need to hurry so that you’re ready for the new content.

How long have you played SWTOR? Do you think the subscription is worth it? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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