Take a Look at Eldest Souls Expansion: Depths of the Forgotten



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From Software’s Elden Ring may be the souls-like game dominating the conversation right now, but Fallen Flag Studio has their highly-acclaimed souls-like game called Eldest Souls. Just in, the game has launched a new expansion called Depths of the Forgotten, and we have a new look at the new content that is now available for the game.

Take a Look at Eldest Souls Expansion: Depths of the Forgotten

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The expansion comes with an all-new region that includes three bosses, some new weapons, and a new ability that will help you slay some monsters. Here is the official description:

Entrenched within the very bowels of existence, far removed from the moon’s pale radiance, rots an ancient abyss: Depths of the Forgotten.

 Eksyll caged those that no longer served his abysmal purpose; a general with naught to command; an heir of crippling malcontent; and a King consumed with the elongation of his hollow existence. Until now, the world and all within it had long forgotten these forlorn souls

Step forth into the void once more, brave warrior. For the deepest depths are calling and froth with the bitterest vengeance.

While games like Elden Ring have been applauded for their character design and attention to detail, Eldest Souls shines by embracing the classic pixelated look; but do not let the simple look fool you because the game is still littered with some fantastic visuals, as well as some critically-acclaimed gameplay.

Eldest Souls: Depths of the Forgotten is now available for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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