The Ascent release date: July 29, 2021


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One of the more highly anticipated titles coming this summer to Xbox and PC is The Ascent, a top-down action-RPG developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital. Given all the interest in cyberpunk-themed anything the past year or two — and considering Cyberpunk 2077‘s rough go so far — it’s not surprising gamers have latched onto this particular title as one they really want to play when it arrives. If you count yourself among that crew, you may be interested in learning when this title is set to launch. Below, we’ve got some information on The Ascent release date, as well as some other things you should know about the game.

The Ascent release date: July 29, 2021

The Ascent release date is July 29, 2021

Those eagerly awaiting a different spin on the cyberpunk universe don’t have very long to wait for The Ascent. The game is due to release on July 29, which is in the thick of summer during a period that, traditionally, has been pretty dry as far as new game launches are concerned.

Before you go searching for a place to pre-order this one, though, you might want to ask yourself a quick question: are you subscribed to Xbox Game Pass? If so, there’s no need to buy this one at all. The Ascent will arrive on Game Pass date and date, with both Xbox and PC supported. That’ll help keep a few extra bucks in your pocket while still getting to enjoy one of the summer’s more talked-about upcoming releases.

It’ll be interesting to see if The Ascent can live up to the hype

This game has intrigued me since it was announced in mid 2020, mostly because Microsoft threw exclusivity money at it. I’m hoping that is a sign Team Xbox saw something special in this title, and that somehow carries over into an awesome game everyone can enjoy once August rolls around.

What interests me the most is how The Ascent will pull off being a top-down twin-stick shooter type of game, while also blending in RPG mechanics, and while also setting all of that in an open world with fast travel points. That sounds like a whole lot going on at once — I just hope it doesn’t become too overwhelming as a result.

If you have Xbox Game Pass, The Ascent is up for preload now on Xbox and PC. Do yourself a favor and grab that so you a) get a nifty reminder when the game launches, and b) have it all downloaded and waiting for you.

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