The Future Of Stardew Valley In 4 Simple Tweets


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Considering its price, Stardew Valley is a very generous game. It has received a number of updates since its launch, each bringing with it new features for our good life avatars to explore. And, at this moment in time, all of those additions have come at no extra cost. However, that is a trend ConcernedApe intends on continuing – as they stated, recently, online.
During an impromptu Q&A session, the developer outlined their plans for further content. The revelation came after a user asked whether we could expect any ‘paid for’ expansions in the future, but luckily that is not something they have in mind. In fact, it is something they never envisage doing – as they made clear in writing:

The Future Of Stardew Valley In 4 Simple Tweets

This news followed what was initially intended to be a progress report on the consoles’ cooperative play patch, which was described as being imminent as it had finally entered the certification stage of the process. But things were a little more specific in their replies to the post when asked about its launch window. In their opinion, we should see the patch drop in around a fortnight’s time.

But there were a couple more nuggets of information waiting to be uncovered in this thread of discussion.
One fan was keen to find out whether there are plans for more narrative-based updates, which would carry on once the current storylines have run their course. The answer was, simply, yes. And that patch 1.4 – the one after the ‘cooperative console’ update – will have such content, along with a more plentiful supply of dino eggs (there’s currently a bug making these rarer than they should be).

Finally, another user was wondering whether a local cooperative play was in the pipeline – one that relied on a shared split screen. Especially as everyone is almost up to speed in the farm share department. Apparently, this is something that would prove trickier to implement. But the takeaway is they would never say never.

Stardew Valley is fantastic value for money – possibly only rivaled for content by the asset-laden Terraria. However, despite the two sharing certain similarities (along with many differences), there is a charm to the former that remains absent elsewhere.

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