The Last of Us Part 2 is getting a stationery set


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The Last of Us Part 2 may be over a year old at this point, but it continues to make news. After winning an unbelievable amount of awards last year, the game got a patch recently that allows it to run at 60 FPS on the PlayStation 5. Now it’s getting a stationery set, featuring a really neat collection of TLOU2-related items. If you love this franchise, or you know someone who does, you might find this package very appealing.

The Last of Us Part 2 is getting a stationery set

Naughty Dog has teamed up with Cook and Becker to release a product that is rather boringly called “The Last of Us Part II Notebook.” What it really is, however, is a nice curated selection of TLOU2 trinkets and, yes, paper.


There are two notebooks included: one themed around Ellie and the other around Abby. There’s also “a beautiful giclee print, one graphite pencil and one carpenter’s pencil, a The Last of Us Part II guitar pick and guitar-shaped paperclip, stickers, and a set of post-its in the shape of Molotov cocktails.” So what you’re getting here is a lot more than one simple notebook (perhaps more time should’ve been spent on the name).

The whole thing comes in a hard box covered by a red plastic which warns the contents “may contain strains of Cordyceps fungus.”

If you’re interesting in nabbing this stationery set for yourself or someone you know, it’ll cost you a pretty penny: $89.95, to be exact. You’ll also have to wait quite a while to receive it. According to the product page, shipping isn’t expected to start until Nov. 30, 2021.

Still, if this sounds at all like something you’d potentially buy, you might want to jump on it sooner rather than later. This package is limited edition, and it appears only 3,000 of them are being sold.

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