The Price for Truth is Blood in Gameplay Overview for Atomic Heart


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No announcement has been made for a new BioShock game, but Mundfish’s Atomic Heart could be the next best thing. Taking place in an alternate USSR run by intelligent robots gone wild, you take control of the protagonist as you navigate this dystopia, trying to restore the corrupted ‘Collective’.

The Price for Truth is Blood in Gameplay Overview for Atomic Heart

We just got a new gameplay overview for the game, and not only does it give us a good idea about Atomic Heart’s lore, but we also get a good look at the combat and tools you’ll have in your arsenal. Check this out:

Discover brand new gameplay footage in a new, in-depth trailer for Atomic Heart, the action-RPG set in the mad utopia of an alternate post-WWII world.

Unforgiving combat and explosive encounters have you blast rogue robots, giant machines and even mutants. Make sure to adapt your fighting style to each opponent, stay wary of your environment and upgrade your equipment to make your way through artificial madness.

Just like BioShock and Fallout, the game takes place in an alternate history where we have advanced technology mixed with period elements. Despite all the gameplay with all the cool robots and weapons, I’m actually excited to check out the narrative. With BioShock being praised for its very intelligent themes about free will and theism, I wonder what kind of themes Atomic Heart will be trying to explore—especially when it comes to the concept of sentient robots.

You’d think they should have just developed a Westworld game?

Atomic Heart is set to launch for PlayStation 4|5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on Feb. 21.

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