The Rock to Produce (and Possibly Star In) Adaptation of It Takes Two



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Hazelight Studios had found a surprise hit with their co-op title It Takes Two, and the movie has barely been out for a year, and it is already getting a movie deal—with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, no less.

The Rock to Produce (and Possibly Star In) Adaptation of It Takes Two

According to Variety, Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock’s production company Seven Bucks Productions, is set to develop a movie treatment for It Takes Two for Amazon. With the project still in its early stages, it is possible the Rock could also star in the movie.

The story description reads:

The film adaptation will follow May and Cody, who find their minds transported into two dolls that their daughter, Rose, made to represent them as they go through a divorce. Now they must go on a wild and fantastical journey to find a way to get back into their bodies.

Admittedly, the plot is simple, but where the game shines is the co-op gameplay. We do not know exactly how that will translate to the film, but it would have done its job if the movie managed to get people to check out the original game.

For now, Johnson is slowly building up his rep when it comes to voice acting and animated characters. Besides providing the voice for demi-god Maui in Moana, he is also set to play Superman’s dog Krypto in the DC League of Super-Pets.

No release date has been set for It Takes Two, but you can check out the original game now available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4|5.

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