The T-800 is Back in Announcement for Terminator Game


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Terminator may not have been able to bounce back in the box office after Genisys and Dark Fate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring Skynet into games.

The T-800 is Back in Announcement for Terminator Game

Thanks to Nacon Connect 2022, we have an announcement for a new Terminator survival game. Check it out:

Here’s the official description from IGN:

Announced as part of the Nacon Connect 2022 showcase, the as-yet-untitled Terminator survival game was revealed to be in the works at Nacon Studio Milan. It takes place in an open world, and is set between the events of Judgment Day (the Skynet nuclear strike that causes the apocalypse) and the formation of John Connor’s resistance.

The last game to come out in the Terminator franchise was Resistance, but just like Dark Fate, that wasn’t met well by critics either. We don’t know where this upcoming game could go when it comes to the Terminator story, but the franchise is easy enough to turn into a futuristic shooter with different kinds of robots for the players to go up against.

If you ask me, there hasn’t been a critically praised Terminator film since Terminator 2, but I’m always along for the ride whenever it comes to going back to the world. Whether it be a new kind of Terminator introduced in every film, or wonky time travel logic, I’m always game to see some human resistance fighting against evil robots.

No release date has been announced for Nacon’s upcoming Terminator game, but I suspect we could get something by 2023.

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