How to Get Revolutionaries in Tropico 6


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In the age of colonies, nations like Haiti were part of an empire but later achieved independence. In Tropico 6, you’re a statesman of the fictional island Tropico, and you start with a colony. Before you can make Tropico a sovereign nation, you’ll need to overthrow the Crown’s hold.

How to Get Revolutionaries in Tropico 6

One way to make your island independent is to stage a revolution via Revolutionaries recruitment. It’ll take some time, but Tropico will be yours alone to govern once you have enough.

Getting Revolutionaries

At some point in the game, you’ll encounter Sofia Ortega, the leader of the Revolutionaries. Besides being a specific citizen type, the Revolutionaries are a faction and one of the first you’ll meet. Sofia will approach you and ask if you want to help her overthrow the Crown.

Sofia has several missions for you; all you have to do is follow them. Listening to her requests will eventually lead to rewards. Sometimes, she’ll ask you to build a specific structure that benefits her people.

There will be rewards once you complete several missions, such as:

  • 10 Revolutionary Immigrants
  • $2,000
  • A random Blueprint
1 18

If you’re looking forward to kicking the colonizers out, you should pick the first reward every time. It is the only way to get Revolutionaries in the game.

The money and Blueprints can seem tempting, but staying in the Colonial Era for too long can make the revolt much more difficult.

Increase Revolutionaries Standing

It’s also essential to remain in good standing with your Revolutionary allies. Discarding the missions reduces your reputation points, and thus you’ll have to work harder before kicking off the revolution.

Other than completing missions, increasing standing with these methods:

3 15
  • Constructing buildings and tools, the Revolutionaries like
  • Spending on military facilities to improve their might
  • Supporting the common people
  • Refusing to help the Crown

When you put the Revolutionaries and common folk first, you’ll gain standing with the faction. Oppressing the people like a dictator, on the other hand, will reduce your standing. So, prioritizing fair treatment of the people is the best way to support the Revolutionaries.

One building that helped with the independence effort is the Newspaper, and setting it to Independence will significantly boost standing with Revolutionaries.

Achieving Independence

Eventually, if you gain enough Revolutionaries, you can kick off the revolt. The Crown will get forced out of Tropico, and the island will become fully independent.

2 15

When Tropico is no longer a colony, the Revolutionaries will cease to exist as a faction. They’re no longer needed, and you don’t have to worry about helping them anymore.

Achieving independence also meant leaving the Colonial Era, the first of four. With this, you can progress in the game further.

No More Colonizing

As the El Presidente of Tropico, you want what’s best for your people and need a revolution. The Revolutionaries can help you achieve independence, but you must give them full support. Eventually, you can escape the Colonial Era and make Tropico a great nation.


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