TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge Out Now, Free Sidecar Update Coming Soon


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This week saw the release of TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge, which is the brainchild of Kylotonn Games. But despite the game launching with a roster of famous bikes, they have already announced a future update that will add a line-up of sidecars for free this May. Because if anything is scarier than doing 130+ mph average on a winding course, it’s hanging on to a bike that’s doing 110+ mph average on a winding course.
Spare leathers… Check!
We are a little surprised that it has taken this long to become a reality, but the colossus Snaefell Mountain Course is finally recreated in all its glory in digital form. And what a job they’ve done. Not only is it a 1:1 reconstruction but the entire course (all 264 corners of it) has been laser scanned to ensure maximum realism.
And it would appear that all of this attention was not in vain as the people who know it best, the riders, have been complimentary of the release. John McGuiness praised its sense of speed, which is aided by including wind sound effects. The TT veteran, who boasts 23 wins, also commented that the game is a worthwhile training aid to any Isle of Man newcomer. Watch out, Ansty, we’re coming for you!
TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge is similar to other racing releases; it has a career mode and supports 8 player races online. But unlike its rivals it chooses to forego that lifeline known as the rewind feature, which can inflict great pain on riders who suffer a mistake late in a six lap race (each lap is on average just under 20 minutes long). So this is certainly a simulator more than an arcade game, but we like that. After all, the TT is the pinnacle of the road racing season so why should its digital namesake be any different.
There are a number of assists that can be left on, though, if you find it tough going.
In addition to the infamous 37.73 mile course, a number of fictional tracks are also included. But we assume these are of little interest to gamers who will be parting with their hard-earned pennies solely for the chance to race across the mountain. We for one are looking forward to running into Parliament Square and out of Ballacraine on a good old Norton.
Who’s leathers are you donning? Let us know below. 

TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge Out Now, Free Sidecar Update Coming Soon
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