Ubisoft Connect Saves Your Progress Across All Platforms


Jason Frye

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Announced today on Twitter, Ubisoft unveiled a new program that will integrate all your Ubisoft games and rewards into one place. Ubisoft Connect is a replacement for the current Ubisoft Club with some new features. You will still be able to earn rewards by increasing your XP and leveling up, and it takes 500 XP to earn one level. After you level up, you’ll earn “Units” that can be exchanged for rewards in-game. You can also trade 100 units for a 20% off coupon on the Ubisoft Store. Ten Units are earned for each new level with 20 earned on every fifth level and fifty at every 10th level.
The new system is applicable to just about any platform whether it’s PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox, or Stadia. You will need to connect your Ubisoft account to these platforms, but it’s going to connect you to a lot of benefits. First, you’ll be able to find your friends and compete on leaderboards even if they played the game on a different platform. You’ll be able to compete in challenges and earn rewards. You’ll also have a news feed on your games and friend’s activities. Smart Intel will give you tips on how to be better at your games too.
The biggest promise in this new program is the ability to take your progress to other platforms. For supported games, that means you can play on a PlayStation or PC and pick up your game on an Xbox. You’ll have to own the game on both platforms, but it’s a nice feature. Ubisoft Connect is free and only requires a Ubisoft account.
On the downside, it doesn’t work on some older games in the Ubi universe. You might be able to access things like stats and Smart Intel, but there won’t be any challenges to complete. They are going to give away 1,000 rewards as a way to sweeten that sting, and you can check the titles supported under Ubisoft Connect here. Watch Dogs: Legion will be the first game to be fully supported under Ubisoft Connect, and it’s releasing October 29th.
To understand the finer details, I would strongly recommend you check out the FAQs about Ubisoft Connect here. It’s a new program and will likely evolve over time, and Ubisoft is one of the only companies with the manpower and cash who can pioneer this sort of program. I’m guessing it will be joined by other companies as we move into next-gen.
For now, we are one step closer to a single sign-in for all gaming platforms. Is that good or bad? We’ll have to wait and see.

Ubisoft Connect Saves Your Progress Across All Platforms
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