Uncharted Reboot Allegedly in the Works WITHOUT Naughty Dog


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The Uncharted franchise had ended back in 2016, but after the release of the movie starring Tom Holland, Sony could be looking at a way to bring back Nathan Drake to the gaming arena.

Uncharted Reboot Allegedly in the Works WITHOUT Naughty Dog

Just in, a rumor is going around from The Leak that Sony plans to reboot the Uncharted franchise, but this time around, it won’t be coming from developer Naughty Dog. Though a different studio is set to take the wheel this time, it’s said that ND will ‘initially assist the new team.’

No details have been revealed about the reboot yet, but some guess it could feature a young Nathan Drake (who probably looks a lot like Tom Holland), or a completely new character, with Drake making a cameo.

The way these reboot/sequels go, you would think they would make a sequel featuring the daughter of Drake from the finale of Thief’s End, but I think the series could fall into the legacy trap that Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts fell in. if you ask me, they should lean in on the ‘greatness from small beginnings’ mantra, and have a complete unknown take on the spotlight. It may not sell as much movie tickets for the Tom Holland films, but I’m sure there’s a lot of potential for growth.

Who knows, maybe they can also have some Holland-Drake projects in development. After all, I do miss the tie-in video games that came with films before. Who said they have to be AAA quality?

No official announcement has been made for a  Uncharted reboot.

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