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Undertale explores themes such as morality and friendship, leading to several possible endings. While there are about four primary endings, only one represents the true ending Toby Fox intended for players to see. To get the True Pacifist Ending, however, requires some preparation and knowledge.

How to Get True Pacifist in Undertale

If you’re not sure how to get the True Pacifist Ending, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not too hard to get this ending if you know what to do. Most importantly, you can’t kill anyone.

True Pacifist Ending Prerequisites

The most important prerequisite is that you must complete a Neutral Run first. Also, if you abort a Genocide Run, you won’t be able to get the True Pacifist Run without a game reset. As such, take care not to start Genocide Runs before undertaking the True Pacifist Route.

Here are the basic requirements you need for the True Pacifist Ending:

  • Never acquire EXP and LOVE, which equals no killing.
  • Never kill Flowey, as he’s instrumental for getting the True Pacifist Ending.

To avoid killing any foes, focus on the non-lethal exits the game offers. You can run, spare enemies, or end battles with ACTs. As long as your enemies live to tell the tale, the True Pacifist Run is intact.

However, you can choose to kill the Dummy in the Ruins, as it doesn’t give your EXP. Reload a previous save file should you accidentally kill anyone or anything else.

Specific Requirements

Here are some actions you have to go through to get the True Pacifist Ending:

  • Hang out with Papyrus after your fight with him.
  • After fleeing from Undyne during her battle, quickly give her a cup of water, and don’t leave the room, as doing so will abort the Run.
  • Head to Waterfall, where Undyne’s House is located. Hang out with her and complete both the “cooking lesson” and a mock battle.
  • Head through Hotland and the CORE, where you’ll have to fight Mettaton EX by raising the ratings to 10,000. Use Alphys’ phone upgrade to shoot his heart as well, ending the battle without casualties.
  • Beat Asgore and Photoshop Flowey.

Getting the True Pacifist Ending

After the steps above, you can reopen the game. Assuming you did everything correctly, you will be able to get the True Pacifist Ending. You can either start a new game and kill nothing or reload the Neutral Route’s final save from earlier.

Whichever you choose, here’s what to do next:

  1. When you’re at the CORE, backtrack and head to the bridge that leads to the MTT Resort.
  2. Get a call from Undyne, who asks you to deliver a letter in her stead.
  3. Go to Papyrus’ House and obtain Undyne’s Letter.
  4. Go to Alphys’ Lab and slide the letter under her door.
  5. Complete the “date” with her.
  6. Leave the Garbage Dump, and you’ll get a call from Papyrus, who tells you to meet Alphys at her lab.
  7. Return to the lab and read a note addressed to you.
  8. Go to her “bathroom,” in actuality an elevator to the True Lab.
  9. At this point, you can’t abort the True Pacifist Ending, and you should enter the True Lab.
  10. Find four keys around the True Lab and place them in their slots.
  11. Open the generator room and turn the generator on.
  12. Talk to Alphys.
  13. Return to the elevator and teleport to New Home.
  14. This part is when the True Pacifist Ending begins.

At this point, you can’t leave New Home either. Your only choice is to play the final battle out and enjoy the True Pacifist Ending.

Let’s All Be Friends

The True Pacifist Ending is essentially everyone living together peacefully, without bloodshed or violence. Other endings don’t reflect Toby Fox’s vision for the game, though you can choose whichever finish you like. The wholesomeness of the True Pacifist Ending is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Did you manage to get a True Pacifist Run before reading this? Do you like the outcome of this ending? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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