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Moshiri Kara is one of the special domains in Genshin Impact that players can challenge multiple times, but the rewards can only be obtained on the first completion. It was added with the Tsurumi Island update of the Inazuma chapter of the game, but it is situated in a secluded part of the Electro nation.

How to Unlock the Moshiri Kara Domain in Genshin Impact

This dungeon is a mansion set up somewhere outside the Sea of Fog. No one knows who built this place, but it seems clear that it is now nothing but a den of ravenous wolves. The challenge in this dominion is called Tutelage: Nest-Bed of Ambition.

Location of Moshiri Kara Domain

If you are wondering how to find the Moshiri Kara domain, it is in one of the small islands far from the larger regions of Inazuma. The island is in the middle of the sea between Yashiori Island and Tsurumi Island.

The easiest way to get to it is to go to Asase Shrine on Seirai Island and head to the Waverider Waypoint to summon your Waverider. You can only ride your little water vessel to the exact spot, especially if the domain is still locked.

TIP: Click on the domain icon and select navigate for it to be visible on the mini-map. This will make it easier to find the direction to where you will sail your Waverider to.

Island Puzzle to Solve

When you get to the island, you will only find a huge rock, not the door to the domain. This is because you must solve a puzzle before the domain is revealed.

Around this island, you will also see 3 Electro Totems that are sealed, and near each one is a Phase Gate. Going through these ruin devices will send you to the smaller islands in the direction of its phase.

In these smaller islands are mechanisms for time trial challenges that you must complete to remove the seal around the Electro Totems.

Time Trial Challenges


In this challenge, you need to hit exploding barrels that appear on the floating hilichurl platforms. There are six exploding barrels that you need to blow up within 120 seconds. So make sure to have a bow user in your team before starting the challenge.

Since the exploding barrels are placed fairly close to each other, hitting one will probably blow up two or more.

A Common Chest will appear as a reward for completing this challenge.

Electro Particle Collection

For this challenge, you must collect 9 Electro Particles floating above these three smaller islands.

To get them, first, you need to utilize the Thunder Spheres that will appear when you start the challenge. You can do this by summoning an Electrogranum from the Thunder Bough nearby. Riding the Thunder Spheres will take you to the other small island, where you can find a Phase Gate.

Pass through the Phase Gate to traverse the water to the other small island and get the Electro Particles along the way. On this third small island, you will see a Thunder Bough. Summon an Electrogranum to activate and show the Thunder Spheres and ride them to get the rest of the Electro Particles.

A Precious Chest will appear as a reward for completing this challenge.

Timed Combat

This challenge will require you to use your strongest character because you will have to defeat an elite enemy within 80 seconds.

The monsters that you need to defeat are two Thunderhelm Lawachurls, which are pretty strong opponents.

Since these monsters can generate an Electro Shield around them to reduce the damage they receive, you should use a character that deals with Cryo or Pyro attacks to destroy the monster’s shield quickly. This way, you can easily defeat it within the time limit.

An Exquisite Chest will appear as a reward for completing this challenge.

After completing the challenge, pass through the Phase Gate again to travel back to the main island, and you will see that the seal around the Totem is lifted.

Strike the totem with an Electro attack to light it up.

NOTE: The challenges can be completed in any order. The same goes for the order of activating the Electro Totems—it is not part of the puzzle mechanic.

Once you have lit up all three Electro Totems, the rock above the domain’s door will shatter, and the entrance will appear. A Precious Chest will appear as a reward for solving the puzzle and unlocking this Moshiri Kara domain, and you will also unlock the achievement “Moshiri Kara – Unlock Moshiri Kara.”

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