VALORANT: 4.10 Patch Notes, Lag Fixes, New Omen Model, Bug Fixes, and more


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The May 13th VALORANT PBE teased lag fixes and Omen model update, and tons of bug fixes coming in Patch 4.10.

VALORANT: 4.10 Patch Notes, Lag Fixes, New Omen Model, Bug Fixes, and more

Riot Games is known for pushing out constant updates to fix various bugs and balance issues for VALORANT. With the help of beta testers, Riot Games utilizes a Public Beta Environment to test and confer with actual players about the possible effect of any incoming update.

It seemed like it was just a week ago when they addressed a balance issue with one of Chamber’s abilities. And now, Riot Games is already cooking up another update that focuses on Quality of Life changes to improve VALORANT’s gaming experience.

While the VALORANT PBE can be seen as more of a testing ground for future patches, the previous PBE patch notes for Patch 4.09 was pretty close to the actual update. This leads us to believe that the incoming Patch 4.10 should be consistent with the recently concluded May 13 VALORANT PBE.

VALORANT 4.10 Patch Notes

Game Systems

  • Implemented a fix for where large ping spikes or Alt-Tabbing could cause an extended period of increased latency;
  • Added Graph for displaying the Client’s Network Round Trip Time Jitter;
  • Added Graph which shows the Client’s Network RTT along with input and remote interpolation processing delays;


  • Agent Progress/Charge Bars – Moved to a consistent location and made a consistent size on the following Agents:
    • Reyna,
    • Cypher,
    • Breach,
    • Fade,
    • Jett,
    • Omen,
    • Phoenix,
    • Raze,
    • Skye,
    • Yoru.
  • Omen – Updated 3P model to increase detail and fidelity;

Twitter user Shiick has leaked an Omen model comparison image in his Tweet.

3D porter/Artist and Data miner, TheyCallMeSpy (@TheyCallMeSpy on Twitter), released this awesome New Omen fanart highlighting the most prominent change to Omen’s facade – a vest with an exposed chest piece. Is Omen going the superhero route like a certain Marvel superhero?


  • “Destroyed” Voice lines for deployable abilities will now be heard globally by allies. This includes:
    • Chamber: Trademark and Rendezvous,
    • Killjoy: Turret and Alarmbot,
    • Cypher: Trapwire and Spycam,
    • Yoru: Gatecrash.

When will VALORANT Patch 4.10 go live?

According to the leaks, Patch 4.10 is scheduled to go live on May 19th, which also signals the return of every VALORANT fan’s highly anticipated skin sale: NIGHT.MARKET.

Updates Galore

Constant updates are always great for competitive gaming titles such as VALORANT. It shows just how dedicated the developers are in their quest to provide a balanced and competitive playing field for all gaming fans.

Patch 4.10 seems more of a Quality of Life update for VALORANT. However, important fixes for issues such as the Alt-tab latency bugs and the “destroyed” voice lines for some agents are still solid updates that will improve the game’s overall gameplay experience.

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