Best Agents to Use on Pearl in Valorant


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Learn the best agents to use on Pearl in Valorant!

Best Agents to Use on Pearl in Valorant

Pearl is due for release in just a few days (June 22), and if you’ve seen some of the leaks and teasers around VALORANT’s newest map, you probably already have a good idea of what to expect gameplay-wise.

One thing’s for sure: Pearl will feel a lot like Split, with the insane number of tight corners and cubbies scattered around the map.

The Best Agents to Play on Pearl in Valorant


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Breach excels in maps where he can take advantage of his AoE abilities in Fault Line and Rolling Thunder. With Pearl looking like a map featuring a ton of tight corners, narrow lanes, and cubbies, Breach can cover a huge amount of space with his abilities to pave the way for his teammates on Pearl on Attack.

The same goes for Defense, where Breach can use his Aftershock and Flashpoint ability to deter or stop an Attacking-team rush into his lane.


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Stim Beacon, Incendiary, and Orbital Strike are, without a doubt, going to be very strong on a tight map such as Pearl.

However, the most powerful tool in Brimstone’s kit for playing on Pearl will be his Sky Smoke.

The VALORANT Protocol Commander is the only Agent in-game with three smoke charges that he can use to cover three different entryways simultaneously. Brimstone’s team will need all the smoke cover they can get on Pearl, especially on the Attacker-side since the A-site and B-site feature multiple rotation lanes that the Defenders can use to sandwich the Attacking team on Retake.


Chamber would have been a stronger Sentinel pick on Pearl if not for the recent nerf that took away one of Chamber’s Trademark charges. It’s a shame, as two Trademark charges could have been game-changing on Pearl.

Nevertheless, Sentinel Agents will be a hot pick on Pearl, thanks to their insane bombsite lockdown and flank watch capabilities. Killjoy can do both and then some.

Killjoy’s Alarm Bot and Turret can easily cover multiple lanes and entryways around the map. The relatively small bombsites on the map mean Killjoy can take advantage of Nanoswarm + Alarm Bot traps that can help with site defense (Defending) and post-plant (Attacking.)

Lastly, her Lockdown ability should easily cover entire bombsites on Pearl, thanks to its huge radius.


Cypher is going to be a terrifying Agent to go against Pearl.

On Defense, Cypher players can go loco with combinations of Trap Wires and Cyber Cage setups that can be placed almost anywhere on Pearl. With so many turns and corners around the map, catching the Attacking team players off guard will come down to how well players can read the enemy team and set up Cypher’s Trap Wire accordingly.

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Cypher can secure flanking lanes on Attack with his Trap Wire and Spycam setups, making Cypher a great pick on Pearl for Attacking and Defending.


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Pearl is going to be a playground for seasoned Neon mains for a couple of reasons:

First, Neon’s insane speed will allow her to cover a ton of ground around the map. And with tons of cover available around the map, Neon can easily slide out into safety when the situation calls for it.

On the other hand, Neon can use Relay Bolt to clear out Pearl’s tight corners and multiple cubbies. Neon can also follow up with her powerful Ultimate Ability that will work well around Pearl’s mostly close-medium range engagements.

Split 2.0

Pearl is similar to Split in the number of corners and cubbies integrated into the map layout. In this case, Agents who can clear out a ton of space and cut off sightlines on Attack and Defense can help many team compositions succeed on VALORANT’s newest map.

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