VALORANT: Best Viper Wall Setups on Ascent


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Learn the best Viper wall setups on Ascent in Valorant!

VALORANT: Best Viper Wall Setups on Ascent

Viper’s Toxic Screen is the signature ability that allows her to set up a long vertical wall in just about any spot on any map in VALORANT. Unlike most Controller Agents that carry a few single-use smoke charges per round, Viper can activate and reactivate her Toxic Screen throughout a round.

Toxic Screen can cover multiple spots simultaneously on most maps in VALORANT, making it a valuable tool for attacking and Defending.

We have compiled some of the best Viper Wall setups for Ascent to help with site entry or site defense on the map in this guide.

Viper Wall in 2024

Viper’s Toxic Screen peaked back in Patch 2.06 when the devs decided to bump up the contact decay damage for crossing Toxic Screen to 50 decay damage. This change alone made Viper’s Toxic Screen the deadliest and most cost-effective smoke ability in VALORANT.

After Patch 2.06 dropped, Viper slowly ruled the VALORANT meta thanks to her reusable smoke cover in Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud. The buffs given to Viper in Episode 2 made her a must-pick on maps such as Icebox and Bind, where she can play as an effective Sentinel-like anchor on Defense or resume her typical Controller duties on Attack.

image 430

However, Viper’s reign was short when Patch 4.04 dropped a year later. Viper would receive crippling nerfs that would push her back from the Controller tier list to help make other Controllers like Brimstone and Omen more relevant.

Right now, Viper’s Toxic Screen doesn’t last as long as it used to because of the changes the devs made with Viper’s Fuel. Whenever Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active simultaneously, Viper’s Fuel bar will drain 50% faster, limiting Viper’s ability to cover multiple spots simultaneously.

Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Viper’s Pit now deal less initial decay damage as well (50 >>> 30), making them less deadly than they were a few patches ago.

Overall, Viper remains a decent pick on most maps in VALORANT. Her Toxic Screen can still cover space as no other Agent can. Still, Viper players must be mindful of the increased Fuel consumption and overall reduced duration when executing offensive and defensive plays in VALORANT.

Viper Wall Setup on Ascent A-site

Viper players must cover A-Tree and A-Balcony to attack the Ascent A-site effectively. This should reduce the number of angles the Attacking team needs to clear upon site entry.

On defense, Viper can also set up her toxic screen to cover both the A-tree and A-Main entrances simultaneously.

Ascent A-site Attacking

  1. Stand along the middle of the floor in A-Lobby:
image 418

2. Aim high so the Toxic Screen does not land short. Make sure the Toxic Screen covers the mechanical door in A-Tree and A-Balcony.

1 63
2 19
image 419

Ascent A-site Defending

  1. Stand in this corner in A-Tree:

2. Aim high to cover the entire length of the wall:

image 421

3. Make sure to cover both the A-Tree and A-site entrances. Use the minimap to get a better look at the coverage.

image 422

Viper Wall Setup on Ascent Middle

Viper’s Toxic Screen can simultaneously cover A-Short and Defender Spawn to Middle. This can help with Middle control on Ascent and give your team easy access to the B-site from the Middle.

Ascent Mid to B-site Attacking

  1. Stand in this corner by the stacked Radianite boxes in A-Lobby:
image 425

2. Aim high so the Toxic Screen does not end up short:


3. Make sure to cover both A-Short and Defender Spawn:

3 10

Viper Wall Setup on Ascent B-site

For Attacking B-site, Viper can simultaneously set up her Toxic Screen to cover B-Market and B-Defender Spawn. This wall setup can help isolate B-site from rotating Defenders, making it easy for the Attacking team to overwhelm Defenders lurking around B-Default and B-Boat House.

On Defense, Viper can set up a Toxic Screen that covers B-Main, Lower Middle, and A-Short.

Ascent B-site to Mid Defending

  1. Stand along the right side of the B-site entrance:
9 1

2. Aim high to use the entire length of the Toxic Screen:

8 2

3. Make sure to cover Lower Middle and A-Short:

6 4
10 1
11 1

Ascent B-site to Mid-Defending Alt

  1. Stand against the back wall and along the edge of the pathway:
12 1

2. Aim the Toxic Screen along the length of the pathway:

13 1
7 2

Toxic Control

Not much has changed with Toxic Screen’s general placement in VALORANT. However, unlike earlier days in VALORANT, players cannot just place Toxic Screen, activate it when necessary, and call it a day. The increased Fuel consumption means Viper players need to be more intentional with its use, which can only be done through effective communication with teammates.

These Viper Wall setups on Ascent are a great and easy way to control multiple entryways for both Defending and Attacking on the map. Communicate with your team to know when exactly to activate Toxic Screen to maximize the ability’s duration.

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