VALORANT: Best Viper Wall Setups on Haven


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Cover multiple entryways with Viper’s Toxic Screen on Haven.

VALORANT: Best Viper Wall Setups on Haven

Haven is the only triple bombsite map in VALORANT, making it a challenging map to defend due to having limited bodies to cover all the important entryways on the map effectively.

With that said, Agents that can cover multiple lanes at the same time on Haven are some of the most powerful on the map, especially on Defense. Allowing teammates to rotate freely between A, B, or C-site to bolster defense accordingly.

Viper’s Toxic Screen can be very valuable on Haven, which can be set up to cover at least two major entryways on the map simultaneously. With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best Viper Wall setups for both Attacking and Defending on Haven.

Viper Wall in 2022

Viper’s Toxic Screen peaked back in Patch 2.06 when the devs decided to bump up the contact decay damage for crossing Toxic Screen to 50 decay damage. This change alone made Viper’s Toxic Screen the deadliest and most cost-effective smoke ability in VALORANT.

After Patch 2.06 dropped, Viper slowly ruled the VALORANT meta thanks to her reusable smoke cover in Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud. The buffs given to Viper in Episode 2 made her a must-pick on maps such as Icebox and Bind, where she can play as an effective Sentinel-like anchor on Defense or resume her typical Controller duties on Attack.


However, Viper’s reign was cut short when Patch 4.04 dropped a year later. Viper would receive crippling nerfs that would push her back from the top of the Controller tier list and help make other Controllers like Brimstone and Omen more relevant.

Right now, Viper’s Toxic Screen doesn’t last as long as it used to because of the changes the devs made with Viper’s Fuel. Whenever Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active simultaneously, Viper’s Fuel bar will drain 50% faster, effectively limiting Viper’s ability to cover multiple spots at the same time.

Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Viper’s Pit now deal less initial decay damage as well (50 >>> 30), making them less deadly than they were a few patches ago.

Overall, Viper remains a decent pick on most maps in VALORANT. Her Toxic Screen can still cover space as no other Agent can, but Viper players now have to be mindful of the increased Fuel consumption and overall reduced duration when executing offensive and defensive plays in VALORANT.

Viper Wall Setup for Haven A-site

Viper’s Toxic Screen can be used to split entire bombsites in half. If you’re looking to play post-plant from A-Main or A-Sewer, using Viper’s Toxic Screen to cover half of A-site might not be such a bad idea.

However, keep in mind that doing so will give the Defending team access to the other half of the A-site, which can make post-plant more challenging. Nevertheless, the Viper Wall setup for Attacking below will guarantee your team gets a Spike plant in A-site.

As for Defense, Viper’s Toxic Screen can be used to cover A-Main, A-Sewer, and even B-site Entrance simultaneously. Remember to communicate with your teammates to maximize the duration of Toxic Screen when playing defense on A-site Haven.

A-site Viper Wall (Attacking)

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Long:
image 465

2. Aim high and use the minimap to get a good idea of where Viper’s Toxic Screen will end up:

image 466

3. Split up A-site with Viper’s Toxic Screen. Make sure to include A-Short so your teammates can use the area on defense.

2 22
image 468

A-Main/A-Sewer/B-site Entrance Viper Wall (Defending)

  1. Stand in this corner in A-Site:
image 469

2. Aim for the hanging vase. Make sure that A-Sewer and the B-site entrance are covered as well.

image 470
3 11
image 471

Viper Wall Setup for Haven B-site/Middle

Like A-site, you can use Viper’s Toxic Screen to split B-site into halves, making it easier for you and your team to plant the Spike for post-plant play.

On Defense, you can set up Viper’s Toxic Screen to cover B-site Entrance, A-Sewer, and A-site Entrance simultaneously.

B-site Viper Wall (Attacking)

  1. Stand in this corner at Attacker Side Spawn:
image 474

2. Aim high so the Viper Wall doesn’t end up short.

6 1

3. Make sure to cover these two corners of B-site:

4 10
image 473

B to A Viper Wall (Defending)

  1. Stand in this corner in B-site:
7 2

2. Aim high so Viper’s Toxic Screen does not end up short:

8 4

3. Make sure to cover the B-site entrance, A-Sewer, and A-Main entrance:

6 6
9 3
10 2

Viper Wall Setup for Haven C-site

Similar to A and B-site, Viper’s Toxic Screen works best when used to split up bombsites into halves, completely denying the other team access and vision of the other half of the bomb site while your team plants the Spike. From there, you and your team can play post-plant from C-Long. Feel free to use Viper’s Snake Bite to delay the defuse.

When playing Defense from C-site, you can set up Viper’s Toxic Screen to cover C-site Entrance, B-Garage, and B-Courtyard.

C-site Viper Wall (Attacking)

  1. Stand in this corner in C-Lobby:
11 2

2. Aim high so Viper’s Toxic Screen can cover the entire length of the C-site:

12 2
7 3
13 2

C-site Entrance/B-Garage/B-Courtyard Viper Wall (Defending)

  1. Stand in this corner in C-site:
14 2

2. Aim along the edge of this roof:

15 1

3. Make sure to cover B-site entrance and C-site entrance:

8 3
16 2
image 482
17 1

Controller and Sentinel Hybrid

When set up optimally, Viper’s Toxic Screen can be a powerful tool that can block multiple sightlines on Haven with ease. You can even reuse and reactivate Viper’s Toxic Screen multiple times within a single round as long as Viper has the Fuel to support it. Coordinate and communicate with your teammates to get the most out of these Viper Toxic Screen setups on Haven.

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