VALORANT: KAYO Knife Lineups on Lotus (Defending)


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Find those Attackers fast on Lotus.

VALORANT: KAYO Knife Lineups on Lotus (Defending)

According to, Lotus has an Attacker and Defender round win percentage of 54% and 46%, respectively, making it a map that naturally favors the Attacking team.

The data is not too surprising, as the Attacking team can easily stack and push A or C and rotate to B through the Rotating Door at C-Mound or the breakable door at A-Link if the Attackers face too much resistance in either A or C site – a strategy that pro teams have already employed in VCT.

The ability to spot enemies instantly at the round start is very valuable on Lotus. It can help you and your team slowly execute a flank on the Attacking team on Defense.

With this in mind, we have listed some of the most useful KAYO Knife lineups you can use on Lotus in this guide.

Lotus A-site KAYO Knife Lineups

Most engagements around A-site on Lotus will be concentrated at the A-Lobby/A-Root/A-Rubble area. This area is important, as this is where the Attacking and Defending team fights to gain/deny control of A-Link and A-Rotating Doors.

As a Defender playing KAYO, you must delay the enemy team’s push long enough at A-Rubble/A-Root so your teammates can rotate toward A-site to help or flank the Attackers.

With the right knife lineups, you can easily tag the entire Attacking team at A-Lobby and cripple them for a few seconds, which should slow down their push.

A-Lobby Knife Lineup

  1. Stand next to the barrier on A-site on round start:
1 20

2. Aim for this leaf on the A-Lobby wall:

2 25
3 21

3. KAYO’s Knife should land on this spot on the wall:

4 19

You can cover up to 95% of A-Lobby with this A-Lobby Knife lineup:

5 23

A-Rubble Knife Lineup

If you’re looking to tag as many Attackers at A-Rubble, a simple KAYO Knife lineup toward A-Rubble will cover almost the entire A-Long/A-Rubble/A-Root area.

  1. Stand inside A-Stairs:
8 18

2. Aim for the middle of the A-Rubble pillar:

6 20
9 19

You can cover the entire A-Rubble area with this KAYO knife lineup:

7 17

A-Rubble Knife Lineup from Defender Spawn

  1. Stand next to this wall in Defender Spawn:
10 15

2. Place the tip of the rightmost HUD line on this tip on the wall:

11 13
13 7

3. When done correctly, KAYO’s knife should land at A-Rubble:

12 7

You can cover almost the entire A-Rubble area with this lineup

14 9

Lotus B-site KAYO Knife Lineups

Generally, the Attacking team will want to attack B-site through B-Main and A-Link/C-Mound. This way, the Defending team cannot use A-Link or B-Main area as an alternate cover.

B-site is best left to your team’s Sentinel Agents, such as Cypher or Killjoy, since these Agents can maximize their abilities on B-site. However, find yourself playing KAYO on B-site Lotus.

You can use your knife to gain information on the enemy team at B-Main and disable their abilities to cripple their ability to control B-site.

B-Main Early Information Knife Lineup

  1. Stand in this spot on B-site at the round start:
16 9

2. Aim for the leftmost part of the B-Main wall:

17 10

You can throw the B-Main KAYO Knife at soon as the barrier drops:

15 7

Lotus C-site KAYO Knife Lineups

Playing C-site as KAYO is also a viable option. From here, you can scan the C-Lobby area and tag the incoming Defenders as soon as the barrier drops.

Lotus C-Lobby Early Information Knife Lineup

  1. Stand next to the C-Main Entrance barrier at the round start:
18 11

2. As soon as the barrier drops, swing out briefly and aim for this part of the C-Lobby wall:

19 5
20 5

This lineup will allow you to cover almost all of C-Lobby:

21 5

Lotus C-site Retake Knife Lineup

KAYO Knife Lineups for C-site retake are difficult because of C-site’s tall walls. You can, however, throw a KAYO Knife toward the C-site pillar when you reach the C-Hall area and cover the entire C-site.

  1. Peek out briefly from C-Hall:
23 6

2. Aim for the middle of this small pillar on the C-site:

24 1
25 4

Spotted and Denied

KAYO is the second-best Agent on Lotus right now, at least in Radiant-level play. The humanoid robot’s ability to gather information quickly and set up his team on Lotus is a valuable tool that makes games more often than it breaks them.

Learning some basic KAYO Knife lineups for Lotus can jumpstart your team’s ability to control space around the map on Defense. Learn the KAYO Knife Lineups featured above to easily spot the Attacking team as soon as the barrier drops at round start.

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