Verizon is giving wireless subscribers free Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass


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How would you like free Apple Arcade? Or perhaps a little Google Play Pass on the house? If you’re a new Verizon customer, or you’ve been one for a while, you’ll pretty goon get your pick of the two. On March 25 (tomorrow), Verizon will start giving away one of the two services to customers on qualified plans.

Verizon is giving wireless subscribers free Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass

According to Verizon, the length of your Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass free period will differ depending on which mobile plan you’re currently subscribed to. Those on any unlimited plan will be gifted with six months at no cost. Those on Verizon’s “Play More” or “Get More” plans, meanwhile, will be granted 12 months.

This is a nice change to the way things are usually done. Music and movie streaming services (Netflix, Spotify, etc.) are typically used as the draws for these kinds of promotions. Making gaming the focus for once — and letting current subscribers take advantage of the deal also instead of just new ones — gets our stamp of approval.

It appears Verizon will be shutting down its free Apple Arcade and free Google Play Pass promo later this summer, as customers have until August 19, 2021 to activate a line and take advantage of the deal. If you’re hoping to sign up, you should do so before then.

To get the Apple Arcade deal, you’ll visit this page. For Google Play Pass, this one.

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