Watch a Full Overview of Kirby’s Dream Buffet



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Kirby’s Dream Buffet launches next week, and Nintendo has given us an overview look at the game and its delightful mascots.

Watch a Full Overview of Kirby's Dream Buffet

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The game is essentially a party game that will have players picking between three game modes where they can play Kirby’s that compete for most strawberries eaten. Race to finish, play minigames, or knock opponents outside of the arena, all in the name of cartoon gluttony.

While the game modes themselves look pretty fun, Dream Buffet also has several power ups for you to collect that will put players ahead of the curve even for just a little bit; become a tornado and sweep up all the strawberries in your immediate location, or drill your way around the arena to avoid any opponents that happen to be larger than yourself.

The game looks like a lot of fun and should be a fun spinoff for the Kirby franchise. Not only do you have access to cute characters, but it also really embraces Kirby’s shtick of eating as much as he can while the same time absorbing the abilities of the things that he eats.

While Kirby in different colors could seem bland for player options, there is also some customization allowed, and you’ll be able to unlock more levels with the number of strawberries that you collect within the game.

Let the feast begin!

Roll into this smorgasbord of fun with 3 other friends in local wireless or online! Or play with a buddy on the same system! Kirby’s Dream Buffet releases on 8/17, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system.

Kirby’s Deam Buffet launches for the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 17.

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