Watch Gameplay Series for Incoming Exploration Game Tchia


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Probably one of the more interesting games coming to PlayStation this year is Tchia from Awaceb, and the game promises a lush, colorful world, just waiting to be explored.

Watch Gameplay Series for Incoming Exploration Game Tchia

Just in, we have a gameplay overview for Locomotion, Traversal, and a unique mechanic in the game called Soul-Jumping. Check this out:

Welcome to our Tchia Gameplay Series! In this episode, we’ll be diving into the exciting world of locomotion, traversal and soul-jumping in Tchia. Have you ever dreamed of transforming into a crab, a barrel, or even a coconut? Now is your chance to experience this thrilling ability firsthand. With Soul Jumping, you can jump into objects or animals and discover exciting new ways to navigate the island, defeat enemies and overcome obstacles.

From the get-go, you can already feel a lot of the Breath of the Wild influence, what with the colorful world; but the game’s big hook is the ‘Soul-jumping’ ability which allows you to prossess other things in the environment including animals or inanimate objects.

The game also doesn’t have a player indicator on the map, so they’ll be forced to familiarize with locations. If you think that’s too complicated though, the character of Tchia is intuitive enough to know when a player needs a hint to find out exactly where they should be going.

Like I said, the game looks fantastic, and it could very much be PlayStation’s solution for not having a playable Breath of the Wild.

Tchia is set to release for PlayStation 4|5 and PC on March 21.

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