Watch: How They Created (and Recreated) Isaac’s Suit in the Dead Space Remake


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EA Motive is hyping up the release of their Dead Space remake next month, and out of all the iconic things about the game, we have a new featurette looking into the creation (and recreation) of Isaac’s suit.

Watch: How They Created (and Recreated) Isaac’s Suit in the Dead Space Remake

Check this out:

Though games like Mass Effect and Doom have given us a standard when it comes to space suits in science fiction games, Dead Space offered something different by giving us a space suit that kind of looked like on old-timey diving suit.

What’s cool is, after several iterations of Isaac’s gear, it was the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion that gave concept artist Chi-Wai Lao the inspiration to put a spine of the suit—eventually evolving into the iconic HUD on Isaac’s back.

In the video there is also several shots of Isaac from the original game being used to compare to the new model, and we can see that there are definitely more layers added in the remake, giving the suit a more realistic feel as compared to what we got back in 2008.

We don’t know what EA has planned for Dead Space, but if this remake manages to be successful, we could be looking at a whole new trilogy of games. With the third one kind of considered the weakest entry in the franchise, I wonder if the studio is planning to completely rewrite the story and give fans something completely unexpected.

Catch the Dead Space remake when it launches on Jan. 27, 2023 for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

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