Watch Valve’s Gabe Newell Hand-Deliver the First Steam Decks


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We’re way past Christmas already, but one Valve director in the form of Gabe Newell has decided to take on the role of a video game Santa and hand-deliver the first Steam Decks to excited users.

Watch Valve’s Gabe Newell Hand-Deliver the First Steam Decks

Watch this:

While it does look like Valve’s version of the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck boasts a powerful engine that can even play AAA games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or God of War. Just like the Switch, you can also connect the Deck to a larger television, even your PC.

There are actually three storage options for the Steam Deck, with each one being able to store a huge amount of games. The cheapest will run for USD 399 and will contain 64GB of internal storage. The most expensive one is worth USD 649 and contains 512 GB; it’s worth noting the 512 GB version is considered to be the model with the fastest storage, and it also comes with a Steam Community profile bundle.

It’s too early to find out what the general audience thinks about the Steam Deck, but it is one ambitious piece of tech for Valve that can change the status quo when it comes to handheld consoles.

Steam Deck is the first in a new category of handheld PC gaming devices, with a custom processor developed in cooperation with AMD that makes it comparable to a gaming laptop. You can play games from your Steam library wherever you go. As an open PC, you can also install any software or connect with any hardware you want.

The Steam Deck is now shipping, and you can order them here.

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