What’s the Best Browser for Playing New HTML5 Casino Games?



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HTML5 technology saw the light of day in 2014, but not every developer picked it up at first. Today, however, nearly all new casinos use games created using it.

What’s the Best Browser for Playing New HTML5 Casino Games?

One of its major benefits is the responsiveness on all devices. This makes the new casino software work on mobiles, tablets and laptops alike – without any extra effort during production.

On the other hand, not all internet browsers can cope with this technology equally well. Hence, even a suitable device won’t necessarily run the new casino software the way it’s supposed to. It all depends on the browser and the operating system you use.

So, use this guide to choosing the best browser for new HTML5 casino software – the answers are just below. And if you’re interested in the reasons why these browsers are better than others, keep scrolling for in-depth explanations.

Best Browsers

  • The best HTML5 web browser on mobile is Samsung Internet 6.2
  • For desktop users, it’s Chrome 66
  • If you play casino slots on a tablet, Edge 17 is the way to go

Of course, this can change at any time with a new and improved version of any browser. All of the major web browsing software companies improve HTML5-compatibility with each new version of the application.

Right now, there are no programmes that would support the new technology in full. However, they’re all pretty close to perfection. You’d be surprised at how little some of these apps differ from one another.

Running Casino Software on Mobile

If you have a Samsung, just use their Internet app for the best results. If you don’t have access to it, though, Firefox Mobile 48 is just as versatile, especially when it comes to web applications.

On the other end of the spectrum, iOS 10.3 isn’t as capable as many others. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to launch HTML5 slots or table games at all.

However, you may encounter issues at some sites or software which are more complicated. For example, most of the popular mobile browsers except Samsung Internet 6.2 don’t support WebGL 3D graphics. This means that you won’t be able to run some 3D slots as intended.

Using Blackberry’s own browser is also not recommended if you can get a third-party alternative like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

Desktop Browsers on PCs and Laptops

For desktop users, Chrome 66 nails it with almost complete compatibility. It supports most 2D and 3D graphics APIs. It’s also the most secure browser, which is useful when dealing with money at online casinos.

On the other hand, Firefox 60 has a slightly better web application support. It’s the only software so far that can recognize custom content handlers.

Of course, it won’t really matter for the most part of your online casino experience. Nevertheless, it’s always good to know that your browser is ready for anything.

After all, online gambling developers are picking up new technology and solutions to engage the player in new ways. So, you can never know which feature will become useful at one point or another.

On the bright side, all of the programmes for online browsing can deal with HTML5 games easily. The only exception is Internet Explorer 11. While it does support the technology, it doesn’t recognize everything, nor does it support all the functions.

HTML5 Gambling on Tablet Devices

Tablet browsers are generally the least developed kind of portable device when it comes to the newest HTML technology. The good news is that the difference isn’t really perceptible for the everyday user.

To play mobile live casino or slot games without problems, use Edge 17, Chrome 52 or Firefox Mobile 48. However, Edge is the only piece of software that supports VR graphics in HTML5. So, if you’re into virtual reality gambling on tablets, the rest simply won’t do.

Do All New Casinos Use HTML5 Games?

Yes – all new casinos will use HTML5 for their games if they aren’t doing so already.

You might still stumble upon some games that are run by Flash technology. Frankly, it’s been a popular way of making gambling software not that long ago.

However, the times have changed with the all-supporting HTML5. Now, top game studio brands use the new technology for their gaming titles. It makes sense – they can save time and resources:

  1. First of all, their games are compatible with all devices, screens and operating systems;
  2. These new slots and table games also run faster, making them much easier for gamblers to enjoy;
  3. Finally, they offer better functionality and integration with other elements of online casinos. This guarantees a smoother player experience.
  4. As if that wasn’t enough, all of this is free to use as the technology is open-source.

For the reasons above, online gambling isn’t imaginable without HTML5. Thus, you should also stay updated and seek for the best web gaming experience possible.

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