Wolverine Gets the Hero Spotlight for Marvel’s Midnight Suns



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Marvel’s Midnight Suns may have ended up getting delayed to next year, but the game is still pushing forward with reveals for their characters.

Wolverine Gets the Hero Spotlight for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Just in, we have a new Hero Spotlight on this game’s version of X-Men’s Wolverine. Check him out:

He tackled his demons, now he’s tackling ours! Wolverine is always up for a challenge.

We don’t know exactly how Wolverine plays in the game yet, but we should expect him to be a heavy-hitter with his Adamantium Claws. Since Wolverine’s healing factor is also one of the major things about the character, he should probably be able to receive a ton of damage from enemies before going down.

Though we’ve had several versions of Logan in the past, Midnight Suns has a different design choice for Wolverine’s claws in this game, in that they have hooks on them. It also looks like the claws can get super-heated—which could add more damage to his attacks

Hopefully we get a deep dive on his gameplay soon. With the regular releases for each hero, it’s only a matter of time before we get the gameplay breakdown for the X-Men poster boy.

Though it seemed the game was on track, this week saw Midnight Suns eventually delayed. We don’t know where development is having hang-ups, but it’s always better to get a finished game late than to receive an unfinished game on time.  

No new release date has been announced for Midnight Suns, but the game is speculated to come out before March 2023.

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