World Of Tanks Update 1.13 Brings New Features And Changes


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World of Tanks had one of it’s biggest updates in history yesterday. With core mechanic reworks, a new game mode and new features, there is a lot to cover for this little tank game.

World Of Tanks Update 1.13 Brings New Features And Changes

Wargaming have been working hard to bring some of the desperately needed World of Tanks changes to both improve the current wars that are being waged as well as starting new ones.

High-Explosives will now deal damage at the point of impact of armour instead of the original shell-burst sphere. This is a greatly appreciated change for those that play heavily armoured vehicles as High-explosives will no longer do as much damage to frontal armour.

These explosives can now also destroy destructible objects like fences as well as penetrate vehicle screens, tracks and wheels.

The biggest change many players of World of Tanks will notice is the newly added tactical features added to tankers, these three features will allow players to combat vehicles which rain shells from the sky. They are:

  • Sound Detection – which is a new commander-only perk that will warn you where the danger zone of shells are.
  • Brighter shell tracers – which will help you better gauge where it was shot from.
  • Field of fire markers – which will let tankers know exactly where it was fired.

Wargaming hope that these changes will help level the playing field when it comes to battling self-propelled artillery.

Another interesting update to this MMO war simulator is the brand new game mode, Recon Mission. This will allow tankers to test maps that are currently in their last stages of development.

After playing a couple of rounds players will be able to vote on what map they preferred as well as take part in a survey to help the team make the necessary changes players want.

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The original Minsk Map has also been rebalanced to make battling across the terrain more comfortable and exciting. Some of these changes included removing objects which interfered with lines of fire, lowering the water level in the river for additional shelter, as well as turning the season to autumn to improve visibility.

The map should now give players the opportunity to try some creative new tactics as well as being more versatile to move around.

Last but not least, a new test season lovingly titled Season X, will be arriving in Ranked Battles on June 28th. This ‘experimental’ season will run for two weeks instead of the usual three, featuring an updated format of battles.

Players will be placed in two teams of 10 instead of 15 and the number of chevrons you need to increase rank have also been reduced.

According to Wargaming, Season X is not associated with the Annual Reward and Rank Token but instead features it’s own unique rewards such as a brand new piece of equipment as well as a new directive.

Feedback received from players in this season will also help decide the format the next cycle of ranked battles will take for the rest of this year as well as the next.

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