Xbox Quick Resume may occasionally break some games


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Xbox Quick Resume is pretty cool tech. It stops your game right in its tracks, takes a snapshot of what’s happening in memory, and saves that to your disk for whenever you reopen it again. Using it, you can jump from game to game (that supports it) quickly without having to go through splash screens, menus, and the rest. You pick up right where you left off.

Xbox Quick Resume may occasionally break some games

As one Redditor found out, however, some games may not work as expected while using it.

Games142 posted a clip today of Skate 3 acting pretty strangely. After jumping back into the game using Quick Resume, the player suddenly found themselves moving at warp speed. Understandably, this made Skate 3 a lot more difficult to play, with Games142 running into obstacles, getting hit by cars, and even colliding with a pedestrian in one instance. It was as if the game put itself into some kind of fast-forward mode.

After Games142 shared his clip, another user responded, “Yeah somenthing similar happened to me in Battlefront 2.” Another still added, “Yup this happens to me all the time. QR is still basically in Beta for some of these games.” So it would appear this is not an isolated incident.

What can you do if you’re in a similar situation with Xbox Quick Resume? The safe bet is probably to use what control you do have over your game to save if possible. After that, quit out completely (use the Guide to close the game), and then restart. That should enable you to launch the game again without using a Quick Resume save state, which would likely resolve any bugs you were encountering previously.

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