Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Release Date Officially Announced



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We got the reveal for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a few months ago, but even by then we didn’t have a solid release date. Some speculated that we could get the game by September, but it’s been announced that we’ll actually be getting the next title a lot earlier.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Release Date Officially Announced

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now set to release for the Nintendo Switch on July 9. Watch this:

The trailer actually gives us a new look at the characters’ ‘Ouroboros’ forms, which look to be a cross between Pacific Rim and Digimon. Here’s their description from the trailer:

Why are Noah and his friends being pursued as “monsters” by the forces of the two nations they hail from? Witness the introduction of the mighty Ouroboros forms, the oversized entities your party can become during battle in this epic continuation of the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

Like I said, the game was originally set to come out in September, but it’s great that Nintendo has announced that it will be coming out two months earlier. While the Xenoblade titles haven’t been connected before, it has been confirmed that this game will bring together the stories of both previous entries in the IP. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

For more info on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can check out the official Nintendo website here.

A vast world awaits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the next game in the acclaimed RPG series from developer MONOLITHSOFT. Players will step into the roles of protagonists Noah and Mio amid turmoil between the hostile nations of Keves and Agnus. Six characters hailing from those nations will take part in a grand tale with “life” as its central theme. Explore a new world that will connect the futures of both Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles .

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes to the Nintendo Switch on July 9.

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